Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Star Virtual Learning a school?

We are beyond a school. Think of us as your customized learning ecosystem that provides everything you need to be conscious educators and guide learners to success. Members take on the full legal responsibility of educating themselves or their children. It is up to each account holder to arrange accreditation with local education boards for graduation diplomas or career path certifications. However, it is our pleasure to support you directly (unlimited) every step of the way.

What ages or grades do you serve?

We offer curriculum and support starting from Pre-K/Early Elementary (2-7years) to Adults pursuing GED, examination preps, or general knowledge acquisition. We also serve learners at all spectrums of mental ability and physical conditions.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We are a global company based in Asheville, North Carolina (United States of America). We serve learners around the world. In addition, we have virtual branch offices in Mexico and Malaysia and look forward to adding more soon!

Can you help me with tracking grades and attendance?

Yes. Your Education Concierge can upload regular reports on learner progress to your portal and guide you in how to keep required attendance and academic records for your state.

Can I make our experience at Blue Star Virtual Learning our entire academic experience?

Absolutely! We have families who have taken the full legal responsibility of educating their children and use our outstanding curriculum selections as their entire learning system. They are known as homeschoolers. Adult learners can use us for professional development or to give them an edge in a college course. BSVL has as many courses as any primary or secondary education facility in the neighborhood and at an affordable rate. We can also just serve as a supplement to a quality education already being provided.

How does Blue Star Virtual Learning work?

First you choose which Star Path you or your children will be anchored in for direct support: Constellations, Skill Universe, or Twinkling Playhouse. Each opportunity comes with an assigned Education Conceirge (Academic Guide). Select Club Blue Star if you care to expand your learning experiences with us by attending enrichment courses and retreats. Club Blue Star also features our onsite learning facility Star Station #1 located in our headquarter city of Asheville, NC. BSVL pairs nicely with whatever existing learning plan you have in place including homeschool or traditional education. We customize your learning experience around what works best for you.

Can you help prepare my high school student for college?

Yes we can! We highly recommend joining Constellations or Skills Universe if specific core subjects or skills need to be addressed. Explore Club Blue Star for additional specialty courses that prep for college entrance examinations. In addition, your Education Concierge can assist families with creating a four year graduation plan, transcripts, and college admissions portfolio.

What curriculum options do we have?

Here at Blue Star Virtual Learning, we realize that one size definitely does not fit all. Instead, we utilize premium and vetted curricula from our chosen providers. In addition, we are always actively seeking new resources and programs to meet the needs of our Master Students. For the 2021-2022 academic learning year, we will be using digital and non digital resources. The digital options are as follows: Exact Path (Edmentum) is recommended for Grades 3-12 and can be used as core subject learning in Reading, Math, and Language Arts. Because Exact Path is an outstanding resource, it can be used for students who are on target, looking to accelerate their learning, or need to fill in the gap for any academic skill area. Reading Eggs & Math Seeds are geared towards students PreK-Grade 2 who are learning the foundational skills of reading and mathematics. Fast Phonics offers over 400 lessons in target key skills. Learners who are experiecing profound learning delays in Math are also encouraged to use Math Seeds. Reading Eggspress is best for Grade 3-6. If a Master Student is experiencing learning delays in reading comprehension, this curriculum is super popular and leads to great gains in a short period of time. Courseware is ideal for students at grade level in grades 6-12. With hundreds of courses to choose from, each lesson includes interactive, rich instruction, and relevant activities. Each module is followed by a mastery test to verify knowledge retention. Course activities, guided notes, and extra practice problems can be used to ensure academic mastery.

What other resources do you use?

We recognize the importance of integrating non-digital and hands-on learning into the academic experience. This is why we also provide you with access to over 70 Project Based Learning activities, interactive notebooks, lapbooks, and optional pre-packaged kits. Every Master Student also has access to our self-paced STEM course, optional live STEM labs, and virtual field trips. Due to the nature of non-digital curricula, pacing guides are not available.

How involved do I have to be?

Ultimately, academic success is up to your Master Student and the direct supervision and support of their parent/guardian. Blue Star Virtual Learning happily provides the tools, resources, and additional nurturing to help our learners become a "Master of Themselves". We will assist you with creating an individual plan and routine, as well as, provide a weekly guidance session for your family. However, the commitment to the plan lies with you as family.

How will I know my child is progressing?

Progress reports are best for parents who are actively involved and concerned with the academic progress of their Master Student. Weekly reports can be uploaded in your family portal. This will give you the best snapshot of how your learner is doing, how to set goals for the upcoming week, and ensure academic progress for the year. In addition, each family can schedule a weekly, biweekly, or monthly Master Circle with their Education Concierge. This meeting is designed to give real time coaching, feedback, and assistance with the Master Student and/or their parent/guardian.

What if my child needs additional support beyond what is provided in a specific lesson?

Your Education Concierge has access to thousands of additional resources, videos, and tools to assist your Master Student. Feel free to ask your EC to upload support resources into your family portal or schedule a Master Circle.

What about socialization?

Many families learning at home often ask this question. Here at Blue Star Virtual Learning, we offer “live” virtual courses, such as cooking, art, and American Sign Language. We also will schedule in person meet ups during the 2021-2020 academic learning year. Last but not least, we highly recommend finding local co-ops, extracurricular activities, and groups with activities that meet the interest of your Master Student.

I am totally interested! How do I sign up?

Excellent! We would love to have you. Registration is super easy. Just click the link above "Join Our Community" to register your family and visit our "Plans and Pricing" tab to select your payment pathway. Within 48 business hours you will hear back from our team to schedule an orientation and get started at the best time for your family.

Can I use your program if my kids are enrolled in traditional school?

Of course. BSVL has a unique philosophy that all parents are primary home educators. Therefore, we do not treat families who utilize public, charter, or private education services any differently than legal homeschool parents. The best Star Paths for these families are Skill Universe or Club Blue Star for enrichment courses. Because our program is customizable, it is easy for us to design a learning program that does not overwhelm learners. Instead, we equip them to be self-confident academically when returning to the classroom.