Q: Is Blue Star Virtual Learning a school?

A: We are beyond a school. Blue Star Virtual Learning is a customized learning experience. Think of us as your support system and guides. Parents take on the full legal responsibility of privately educating their children at home or enrolling them in a traditional school setting. Adult learners are responsible for securing their own GED or adult education certifications. We do not offer academic credits towards graduation or graded lessons.  Families have the option of joining The Village, our free virtual community, for resources and live support. Members have the option of adding premium services like our academic skills diagnostic assessments, monthly customized lessons, and unlimited one on one skill coaching at affordable rates.


Q: What grades do you serve?

A: We support families from prenatal to Adult GED. At BSVL we believe you are never too young or too old to step on the path of self-mastery. 

Q: Do you fit my budget?

A: If you can afford free you can afford us. For premium services we charge an affordable rate and strive to be mindful that single parents and families with multiple children should not be priced out of academic support. In addition, we are very pro family businesses and encourage members to patron one another to build up our village economy. We also offer a $50 gift card for every new member referral to a premium service. 

Q: Can you customize a curriculum around our faith?

A: Absolutely! We serve and respect all spiritual pathways and do not impose any faith on our clients, especially those who choose not to practice a religion at all. Master Students (our name for learners) and parents who wish to infuse their curriculum with spiritual principles will work closely with their Compass Guide to bring about their request. 

Q: What states do you serve?

A: We are a US-based company serving all 50 states, and we welcome international clients from all over the world.

Q: How will you interact with my child?

A: That is up to you as family. We can engage as little or as much as you choose. We love virtually connecting young learners to other youth with similar interests, academic pursuits, and learning opportunities. This is optional and available to families when they can fit it in to their busy schedules.  If you select premium services we offer private one on one academic coaching sessions with a Compass Guide to help learners navigate challenging academic hurdles. 

Q: What's the schedule?

A: We do not impose a schedule on our members so your learning process is set by you. We have multiple opportunities scheduled during a Learning Cycle for learners and parents to engage virtually with our team and other families for support and enlightenment.

Q: Can you help me with tracking grades and attendance and other state required paperwork?

A: Yes. Members of The Village have access to many free resources on how to organize and prepare for homeschool reviews or prepare for school conferences. Members who select premium services like Constellations: Exact Path have access to state of the art reporting based on diagnostic assessments, progress reports on lessons, and we can assist with high school transcript generation if requested. 

Q: Do I have to be a homeschool/stay-at-home parent or enrolled in a GED program to use your services?

A: Absolutely not. You can be a future parent, have children enrolled in school, be a supportive grandparent, or an adult pursuing your GED. All are welcome. 

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