Is Blue Star Virtual Learning a school?

We are beyond a school. Think of us as your private home education support system and guides. Parents take on the full legal responsibility of educating their children at home or enrolling them in a traditional school setting. Adult learners are responsible for securing their own GED or adult education certifications. We do not offer academic credits towards graduation or graded lessons. However, we do offer direct live support complimented by premium online curriculum. We also just added a STEM program that features live sessions and the option to learn onsite if you are located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

What ages or grades do you serve?

We offer curriculum and support starting from Pre-K/Early Elementary (2-7years) to Adults pursuing GED, Examination Preps, or general knowledge acquisition. We also serve learners at all spectrums of mental ability and physical conditions.

Do you fit my budget?

You can receive premium personalized support for yourself or your entire family for as little as $35 a month. However, the cost savings continue. f you choose to be onsite you can educate an entire family for $300 per week. That is the fraction of the cost of daycare and private schools. Consider the same if you are an adult student prepping for GED or career certification at a community college. Your monthly membership fee isn't just curriculum or virtual activiites. It also includes a trained professional team member who serves as your as personal assistant complete with access to a vast resource library. We think we are a cost benefit to your budget!

What states do you serve?

We are a US-based company serving all 50 states, and we welcome international clients from all over the world. We have an onsite option hosted by SMILE Camp located in Raleigh, North Carolina Monday-Fridays 8am-5pm.

How will you interact with my child?

We call our learners Master Students and honor their natural ability to take charge of their learning experience. We are do not serve as teachers and learners work at their own pace on their own schedule set by their families. Alongside the primary guidance of their parents, our team serves in a support role as academic guides to engaging learning experiences. Each Master Student is assigned a Compass Guide who establishes weekly contact and monitors their progress everytime they establish a virtual connection. Working as a team with their parents or education facilitator, Compass Guides will make themselves available throughout the week to answer questions directly from Master Students. In addition, they send weekly/monthly progress reports and offer regular feedback on their learner's academic growth.

What's the schedule?

We do not impose a schedule on our members so your learning process is set by you. We have multiple virtual opportunities featured on our activities calendar during a Learning Cycle. Our team is available Monday-Friday 7am-8pm EST and Saturday 10am-3pm EST. We have also have STEM Universal Onsite hosted by SMILE Camp located in Raleigh, North Carolina 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Can you help me with tracking grades and attendance and other state required paperwork?

Yes. All program feature come with an assigned Compass Guide who serves each account holder by making weekly contact and providing monthly reports on learner progress. We can provide additional support based on request.

Do I have to be a homeschool/stay-at-home parent or enrolled in a GED program to use your services?

Absolutely not. You can be a future parent, have children enrolled in school, be a supportive grandparent, or an adult pursuing your GED. You can even be an school, learning center, or organization that supports learners. All are welcome.

Can you customize a curriculum around our faith?

Absolutely! We serve and respect all spiritual pathways and do not impose any faith on our clients, especially those who choose not to practice a religion at all. Master Students (our name for learners) and parents who wish to infuse their curriculum with spiritual principles will work closely with their Compass Guide to bring about their request.

Can I make our experience at Blue Star Virtual Learning our entire academic experience?

Absolutely! We have families who have taken the full legal responsibility of educating their children and use our outstanding curriculum selections as their entire learning system. BSVL has as many courses as any primary or secondary education facility in the neighborhood and at an affordable rate. We can also just serve as a supplement to a quality education already being provided.

Why should I pay you for something I can do myself?

You shouldn’t. The members who are best suited for adding upgrades to a service are those who genuinely desire to save time and reduce stress on the learners and those directly supporting them. To provide the quality of service we offer, it requires a dedicated professional team constantly supporting diverse learners based around the globe. We value them and choose to compensate them fairly. Also, as a company we spare no expense in providing the best online curriculum and management systems in our industry and are committed to not overcharging our valued customers in the process.

How does Blue Star Virtual Learning work?

First you choose what program you or your children will be anchored in for direct support: Virtual Gathering Place, STEM Universal, or Constellations. Each program comes with an assigned Compass Guide (professional team member) who will guide you and your family along as you select additional resources and attend virtual activities of choice throughout the week. You can use BSVL as your total learning experience, or a supplement to your existing learning program. We customize your learning experience around what works best for you.

Can you help prepare my high school student for college?

Yes we can! We highly recommend joining Constellations: Super Nova or engaging in STEM Universal to gain the courses and expereinces necessary to build an excellent college entrance portfolio. Your Compass Guide will help create or assist you with your four year graduation plan, start the process of creating a transcript, and guide you on how to create a college admissions portfolio. In addition, we have partnered with a lovely company called College Code to provide additional guidance in career exploration and college preparation.

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