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Updated: Jul 22

Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) has a unique way of scouting talent for our professional team. We call it "The Star Tea". Currently we are so incredibly fortunate that this process has produced three executives and five outstanding professional contractors serving our families and corporate partners.

After completing this "Tea Screener" (please click highlighted hyperlink to view) a candidate attends two virtual teas with members of our leadership team designed to allow selected candidates to learn how to vibe within our unique company culture. This is a relaxed and informal conversation among prospective colleagues, so if selected let your personality shine through. We tend to attract education visionaries and exceptional professionals seeking a platform to be of positive service, so in time we will all discern if we are in alignment. Please note that all positions at BSVL are contractor positions that require team members to file a 1099 tax form and work from home in a professional office space.

Here are some Star Attributes we see in our current team members...

  1. Warm and Kind

  2. Motivational

  3. Creative

  4. Self-disciplined

  5. Excellent Collaborators

  6. Able to maintain work life balance

Current Roles Available

1) Part-time Registrar

2) Regional Recruiter-Northeast United States

2) Regional Recruiter-West Coast Region United States

3) Academic Manager-West Coast/International

The Registrar is responsible for registering incoming families and facilitating orientations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening 6-9pm. Starting pay is $10 per hour. This is an entry level position to other key roles in the company with opportunities for leadership advancement.

Recruiters are responsible for scouting talented students and supportive families or organizations that have expressed interest in Blue Star Virtual Learning or would be excellent candidates for membership. Recruiters are paid commission only until they secure five paid contracts and then are extended base monthly compensation.

Academic Managers are responsible for directly supporting our students (PreK to Adults) by providing weekly outreach communications, progress reports, and academic guidances in the four major core subject areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Math. Starting pay for Academic Managers 15% residual on net revenue on caseload of 30 accounts.

Basic Professional Requirements for Registrars and Recruiters

1) High School Diploma or Graduate Equivalent

2) One year of professional experience

3) Three Professional References

4) Legally eligible to serve as an independent contractor in the United States

Basic Professional Requirements for Academic Managers

1) Minimum Post Secondary Certification, Bachelor Degree, or professional experience equivalent (example fours years of homeschool teaching experience).

2) Two years of professional experience

3) Three Professional References

4) Legally eligible to serve as an independent contractor in the United States

Tips for Success as a Star Team Member

1) Come to us with a kind heart and loving way about you.

2) Seek to make us better than you found us.

3) Leave selfish-ambition and a competitive mindset behind. We operate on another level.

4) Know the young learners and adults we serve are on a path of Self-Mastery. Those who serve them must be as well.

5) An attitude of gratitude will carry you far not only in the "Star Tea" process but as a co-worker longterm.

6) The leadership style of the CEO is loving and direct and those are the type of colleagues who thrive with us long term. Candidates need to be self-disciplined enough to work independently, yet have the humility to learn the company culture and how to be a support to the leadership team. Strong communication skills are the keys to success.

7) Take the time to research the company before pursuing a relationship with us. Make sure to read the "Our Programs", "Q & A", and "Plans and Pricing" located on our website prior to having tea with us as we will be basing our discussion around those key points.

8) If you are seeking fiscal compensation from this company, all team members are required to do some level of outreach and be an excellent networker who is not pushy, a spammer, or off putting to customers. Instead you can establish trust quickly because you are sincere and have a personal story to tell about why you are a member of the BSVL community.

9) We are a tech company, so we require tech savvy professionals with strong skills in Social Media, web conferencing, and a quick learner of a variety of curriculum software interfaces. Only individuals comfortable with technology and comfortable with change should join us.

10) Count the cost: This means really make sure your personal finances, family obligations, and other professional responsibilities will allow for you to be a consistent part of our professional team.

Again, we hope you consider being a Star Team Member. Interested candidates please submit all the following items: Tea Screener, Cover Letter (with your current address and stating why you wish to pursue the position of interest) and updated Resume to melissa@bluestarvl.com.

Best wishes to you and may your lights shine on!

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