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At Blue Star Virtual Learning we have figured out how to building a vibrant, loving, and engaged community virtually and we'd like to share it you, your family, or organization. Its called The Virtual Gathering Place and it is a wonderful compliment to your existing style of education whether within your private home, co-op, or institution. Here's how it works.

  • You simply sign up yourself, family, or organization from our Home page or upgrade from a Level 1 Member with your assigned Compass Guide. Level 3: Constellations Members automatically have The Virtual Gathering Placed included in your memberships

*If you are an organization please note you must first be a Star Lab at Level 3 to have this feature included in your membership.

  • Next book a virtual tour with your assigned Compass Guide and learn about of the program features at Level 2 including interactive digital calendar, Discussion Forum (and Interest Groups), Fun Pods (interest clubs), Star Bursts (interest courses), Project Based Learning Zones, and VIP Parent/Teacher Lesson Planning Support Sessions

  • Reach out to your real life Compass Guide for questions, guidance, and education consultation weekly.

  • Attend virtual events according to your schedule and often or as little as you like.

Connect with brilliant learners (Master Students) and Conscious Educators from around the world and even serve as a contributor. The cost for individual and family membership is only $35 per month. Additional learning opportunities at reasonable fees include...

  • Star Bursts: BSVL has recruited superb instructional experts in a variety of fields to facilitate customized short enrichment courses starting in the Fall. Come learn from our Artist in Residence Zoi Hunter, as well as, a special topics covering history and holistic health and wellness. 

  • Twinkling Stars Pre-K: Using the synthetic phonics instructional approach our program targets emerging readers working closely with parents or professional educators to increase phonemic awareness and foundational reading skills)

  • Super Nova Prep: Virtual prep support for GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP examinations as well as one on coaching and development in resume/CV writing and internship opportunities within Blue Star Virtual Learning

  • Jump Start to Careers: Our program partner College Code is providing premium career coaching and post secondary pathway development virtually, its the equivalent of a personal guidance counselor at your fingertips

So come gather with us in a virtual community that is sure to become a place you know you belong!

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