The New Era of Learning: BSVL 2021-2022 starts July 1st

Updated: May 25

If you have been following the journey of Blue Star Virtual Learning, then you know we are innovative and embrace change. Learning Cycle Year 2020-2021, we soft-launched our company to allow ourselves time to fully understand the needs of our learners and how to best serve them. Now we are ready to introduce the world to "The New Era of Learning".

Hear us...

"Virtual learning is expansive and should inspire a love for technology while embracing the love of nature, personal relationship building, and community service. We should still use our hands to create works of art, our bodies to express the beauty in this world, and our minds to create solutions to improve the planet we cherish. This is how we become masters of ourselves. This is The Blue Star Way." -Melissa Perkins

Our Master Students and their Star Families requested that we be year-round so our next learning cycle year begins July 1st. Embedded in this time frame is a summer camp called Star Blazing Summer for those who want a more light and laid back schedule. Summer Cycle is July-August, Fall Cycle: September-November, Winter Cycle: December-February, and Spring Cycle: March-May. Next year we will begin Learning Cycle Year 2022-2023 in June.

Here's what's new!

The Four Experiences Have Been Revised

Experience #1 Constellations: This division is now exclusively focused on our learners Grade 3-High School. In addition to the extremely popular Master Circle (which allows one to one weekly academic guidance), we have added Master Huddles to give Master Students weekly core subject (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Global Studies) meet ups with paced instructional guidance to help aid in timely course completion. This starts in September. Another new exciting component starting July is the Non-Digital Option for learners who want to significantly reduce screen time and work more with their hands. We have a large variety of projects and stimulating resources that can be delivered directly to our Master Students so they can make their own learning experience an adventure.

Experience #2 Skills Universe: Our team has ramped up this experience since more families are Hybrid Learning (students enrolled in traditional school while skill gapping from home) than ever before. Therefore, we have created Hybrid Connect within this experience to allow for after school virtual meet ups with a Master Guide to directly support basic skills mastery either one on one or within a small group to make it more fun and interactive.

Experience #3 Twinkling Playhouse: This is a brand new experience specifically for our Pre K-Grade 2. They often require a completely different learning experience, so we have brought in a suite of non-digital hands on resources from our curriculum partner Fruit for the Spirit complete with an interactive puppet show that promotes diversity and character building. In addition we will continue to incorporate an engaging online component that tracks skill mastery in phonemic awareness and early fundamental Math skills. It also includes two live interactive guided sessions that focuses on having fun and play with Math and Reading.

Experience #4 Super Nova: This experience is the most revised and now focuses exclusively on our enrichment courses (Star Bursts), workshops (i.e. Star Parent/Teacher ED), and college/career prep series. This is the area where we support our adult learners and provide additional support to our Master Students as they prepare to start their own lives independent of their families. It also houses our summer camp Star Blazing Summer.

Educator Development Series for Parents and Classically Trained Teachers

Introducing our brand new initiative Star Parent/Teacher ED (Educator Development) series. It is embedded in the Super Nova experience and we are so excited to provided specific training for parent and professional educators to improve their overall academic management and instructional technique. At BSVL we choose not to be a school or take the lead in the instructional journey of a learner or the family. Instead we choose to empower others to develop their own abilities particularly our learners. We introduce techniques that promote self-mastery and self-responsibility in learning.

To learn more about us or to join our community, please give us a call at 984-200-0069 or email us at

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