Star Parent VIP Rewards!

Star Mama Erica Hicks with Master Student Gene

A Message to our Beloved Star Families:

We want more of you! That is why Blue Star Virtual Learning is offering, to our current Star Family Members, a new referral rewards program called

"Star Parent VIP". This amazing opportunity allows you and future Star Families you refer the opportunity to receive 50% off your membership fees the month they join our Cosmic Learning Community.

Here's how it works...

1) Recommend us to a family member, friend, or associate (at Levels 2 or 3). Make sure they are someone you think would be in great alignment with our community.

2) Connect the future Star Parent via email to or ask them to call our main office at 984-200-0069 Ext. 101. Have your referrals share that you recommended them for membership.

3) Follow up with your recommendations within the week to make sure they accepted their Star Family VIP opportunity. That's it!

Star Family Baxter

Your reward is 50% off your monthly membership and the opportunity to celebrate your referrals also receiving 50% off their first month!

In these challenging economic times we hope this provides immediate fiscal relief to you and those your care about. BSVL also has to do something to express our gratitude for the many recommendations our cherished members are already sending our way. We are growing and thriving because of you! So please allow us to show our love and appreciation for you in this way. If Blue Star gains just one more family like the beloved ones we already have, how most fortunate are we of all the learning communities in the universe. May your lights shine on!

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