Star Bursts are Ready to Launch! Enlighten Yourselves.

Woo Hoo! All four Star Bursts have exceeded minimum enrollment. Since announcing this new concept, our team has made some much needed revisions to our instructor recruitment process and registration procedures. At BSVL, we are not afraid of change and making adjustments midstream. Humility and processing real time feedback are guiding principles in our community. So allow us to reintroduce Star Bursts to the community.

What exactly is a Star Burst?

It is a mini course that is offered for eight weeks thoughtfully facilitated by a vetted member of the Blue Star Virtual Learning community. We now recruit guest instructors who are active and engaged parent/community educators or Master Students within our community. They have demonstrated, through their interactions, an ability or knowing that members of BSVL communicate they wish to explore deeper. These amazing facilitators are compensated for their time.

Can I receive course credit for attending?

Blue Star Virtual Learning is beyond a school and does not issue course credit or promote traditional grading models in our community. However, many parents who privately educate at home find our activities so enriching that they count them as electives.

Are these activities only for children?

Absolutely not! We have adults in our community actively engaged and learning alongside everyone. Parents are encouraged to pursue interests and develop themselves intellectually alongside their children. In fact we have just as many adults signed up for Star Bursts as young people.

Why is membership required to access BSVL's Star Bursts?

Blue Star Virtual Learning graciously operates within a unique modus operandi (way of being). We flow harmoniously based on agreement, therefore those who facilitate knowledge or learn alongside us operate within that. This means we hold to principles of ethical behavior, service delivery, and excellence that is applied from our leadership team to our Master Student toddlers. We want our guest instructors to have a positive experience and our learners to sign up for more opportunities. This is why membership of all parties is required.

How much does it cost?

Star Bursts are hosted in the Virtual Gathering Place located at Level 2 platform. To access that area is $35 per account holder/per month. This is means an entire family can be based in this program for only $35/per month. We now give each account holder one guest pass (to be issued to a learner of their choice) to any Star Burst available. Any additional mini courses are $25 per participant/per month.

What is currently being offered....

Revised Fall Cycle Star Burst Catalog
Download PA • 803KB

How do I sign up today?

1) Current Members Click Here to register. 2) New Members Click Here and locate the button that says "Register for Star Burst" on the Blue Star Virtual Learning "Home" page. To learn more contact Blue Star Virtual learning at 984-200-0069 Ext. 101 or

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