Star Burst Pop-Up: Types of Government

Updated: Jul 18

Blue Star Virtual Learning is super excited about our new initiative Star Bursts (virtual specialty courses) starting in the Fall. We are honored to feature Brandy Champeau, a phenomenal educator, as the first BSVL Guest Instructor in our Virtual Gathering Place.

Brandy will be offering three courses with us during the Fall Cycle and as a teaser of sorts, we'd like for you to meet her at a Star Burst Pop-Up called "Types of Government". It's being offered Wednesday July 22, 2020 at 11am EST via Zoom Cloud Meeting.

As an added bonus, we will also unveil our Star Burst Fall Catalog so you can sign up for not only Brandy's amazing courses but take a look at other course offerings available as well. So come brush up on your civics with us. Sign up by clicking Register and we will email and text you the log in credentials.

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