Spring Cycle (April 1st-June 30th) is Here!

Updated: Apr 6

Go outside and play all day. Spring is here Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) Style! To our beloved Star Community, including those based in The Conscious Educator groups on Facebook and Clubhouse, welcome back to our last cycle of Learning Year 2020-2021. This article will cover all of the new and exciting updates, changes, and additions to the BSVL Galaxy. So prepare for lift off!

New Experiences

We have converted from offering programs like Constellations, Virtual Gathering Place, and STEM Lab to an experience based model. Now we offer...

Experience #1 Constellations: Total academic customization system primarily for families homeschooling.

Experience #2 Skill Universe: Basic Skill Support primarily for Master Students enrolled in traditional school looking for supplemental academic support.

Experience #3 Super Nova: College or Career prep support with a heavy focus on entrance exams like ACT/SAT or certification prep like CompTia A+ and IOS/Android Development.

Experience #4 Star Bursts: Live 8-week courses led by outstanding guest instructors in subjects that interest our community like American Sign Language or live cooking classes.

Click Here for more details.

New Portal

Goodbye Google Classroom and the Wix Groups feature. They served us very well in our early days, but we simply have outgrown them. As we expand our community and open branches in other parts of the world, we require a more streamlined and efficient system. Therefore we would like to introduce you to Star Dash (your personal Star Family/Master Student dashboard). Set an appointment with your Education Concierge for a personal tour of yours. It has...

  1. A personalized bundle of services showing only aspects of our cyber community you are actively using.

  2. Access to any online curriculums or Star Bursts you have selected.

  3. All reports tracking the progress of yourself or learners enrolled in our experiences.

  4. Access to multiple non-digital resources to promote a hybrid learning approach that fosters balanced screen time and more hands on learning.

  5. A way to directly connect to your Education Concierge to get personalize support and feedback on a Master Student's academic growth.

More Team Members to Serve You

Our team more than tripled in size since Winter Cycle which means we are better able to serve you. Click Here to put a face to a name. Let's welcome...

  1. Jade Perry (Lead Chief Academic Officer): She leads our STEM/STEAM initiative and serves as a liaison to the Executive Advisory Board assisting with corporate fund acquisition including grants.

  2. Aarionna Hamilton-Lusane (Director of Marketing and Technology): She is responsible for our revitalized website, new customer quiz, and project managed the stunning new portal system alongside Christel.

  3. Trent Tutt (Chief Academic Officer Greater Georgia): Oversees branch expansion and academic support based in Augusta, Georgia.

  4. Roberto Rosales (Chief Academic Officer Greater Mexico): Oversees branch expansion and academic support based in Baja California, Mexico.

  5. Lanelle Sterling (Office Manager): Generates monthly/weekly reports for Star Families and Adult Master Students. Facilitates master scheduling and directly supports the administrative needs of the executive team.

Note: Each Chief Academic Officer serves as the lead Education Concierge for their region. As our community grows we will invite more home and licensed educations to serve in this role. Contact Melissa Perkins at melissa@bluestarvl.com with your cover letter and resume if you are interested.

Streamlined Pricing with Yearly and Quarterly Options

  • New members can now directly pay via a click of the button.

  • Invoices for Material Fees will be sent after orientation to allow families to choose the best online and non-digital resources for them.

  • Academic Services membership fees include up to three minor learners for families.

  • A Star Burst Family Pass now includes the entire immediate family.

  • Save significantly by preparing for a year or quarter in advance.

New Membership Status Options

We understand that needs and demands on our families change throughout a Learning Cycle Year. Once you become a Star Family our team considers it an investment to serve and support you. So we want to make sure even if you transition beyond our direct support, you know the door is always open for you to return if you ever need more guidance. Therefore, you can alert your Education Concierge of the following status options.

  1. Engaged (actively enrolled in online/non-digital curriculum support or Star Bursts)

  2. Sabbatical (Engaged but on holiday for a week or more; still want access to curriculum and reports. Billing continues.

  3. Pause: Taking an extended break from services, but plan to return at a later date within the Learning Cycle Year. Online curriculum and services are only suspended temporarily and billing/or prepayment usage is paused.

  4. Conscious Educator: Transitioning from BSVL Academic Services or Star Bursts back to The Conscious Educator community where we will continue to stay connected via optional workshops and events.

In other words once you are Star Family/Master Student we remain at your service until you tell us otherwise. That is The Blue Star Way.

Current Star Families in our community, please be on the lookout for renewal letters for Learning Cycle Year 2021-2022 which starts July 1st! We are a year-round program and do not have a summer break. However, we completely understand some of you do. We also have a special economic treat for you in your invitation to return next year.

To everyone, be on the look out for our amazing "Star Blazing Summer" initiative being announced in the coming weeks. We have great plans to kick off the academic year with fun, relaxation, and relationship building. So stay tuned!

Well, we hope we inspired you with all the wonderful happenings at Blue Star Virtual Learning for the upcoming Spring Cycle. If you are not a member yet, Click Here to visit our "Home" page to take our fun quiz and learn what experience is best for you.

Welcome to spring and may your light shine on!

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