Pandemic? And? I'm a Master Student.

Millions of students around the world found themselves suddenly thrusted upon their home computers with parents desperately trying to figure out how to work, juggle family life, and educate their children while surviving a pandemic.

Enter stage left Anthony McCauley with his Star Lab Coop of the Carolinas (a BSVL Star Lab). This passionate founder connected with Larry and Shakera who asked him to assist their daughter Za'Myra.

This adorable bundle of amazing attends West Hoke Elementary School and her parents were not sure how the transition would be for her so they reached out to Anthony for guidance. Please do not let her angelic smile fool you. We had no idea who we were getting. This young lady is serious about her education! In less than a month, Za'Myra demonstrated the fastest skill mastery accumulation in less than a few weeks receiving 10 trophies across Math, Reading and Language Arts. She works at her own pace according to a customized learning plan based on how she learns.

Master Student Za'Myra's work ethic is amazing and she consistently logs on to keep working on her skills. She also reaches out to her Compass Guide for advice and to share her enthusiasm for the program. What is also encouraging is that her dad made the time to attend a parent session recently and is committed to being very hands on with encouraging Zy'Myra's success.

Blue Star Virtual Learning wanted to take the time to acknowledge this amazing Super Nova for her self-discipline and amazing attitude. Notice her beautiful journal gifted to her from Mr. Anthony that says "She believed she could and she did." Also big shout out to Larry and Shakera, as well as, Star Lab Coop Carolinas for providing the opportunity for Za'Myra to thrive in the midst of a global crisis. Clearly, she's not letting anything stand in the way of her learning. May her and their lights shine on!

To learn more about how to join Star Lab Coop of the Carolinas please reach out to Anthony McCauley (Founder of MALES of Distinction) at 910-286-3894 or email To learn how to bring a Star Lab to your community please call Melissa Perkins at 984-200-0069 Ext. 101 or email

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