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Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) has a unique way of scouting talent for our professional team. We call it "The Star Tea Process". After a candidate submits their cover letter and resume directly to the CEO, Melissa Perkins, she then determines if it will be forwarded to her colleagues to jumpstart the process. The applicant will be contacted and a virtual tea scheduled where a conversation between two prospective colleagues will commence. After two rounds, both the candidate and team members will give their feedback to the CEO, who will then inform the candidate of the next steps.

Here are the opportunities currently available.

Master Guide: Responsible for personal outreach and caseload procurement. Facilitates small learning circles around specific core subject content areas like Math, Language Arts, Global Studies, or Science. Assist leadership team in vetting and selecting premium curriculum according to client feedback. Provides weekly feedback to learners on individual progress.

Education Concierge: Responsible for personal outreach and caseload procurement. Lead academic manager of created and assigned caseloads. Schedules and facilitates Master Student Circles, pulls weekly reports and uploads them in Member Portal. Provides any additional support resources or learning opportunities. Assists with any marketing and outreach campaigns going on in the company.

Global Outreach Coordinator: Responsible for personal outreach and caseload procurement for the entire team. Task includes daily outreach, data entry, and tracking of sales leads in Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse. In addition, this role works closely with the CEO, CMO, and Executive Director in informing and implementing sales and marketing strategies throughout the company. Responsibilities include creating marketing posters, brochures, flyers, reels, and promotional videos. This role also actively recruits corporate sponsors and group accounts to increase fiscal revenue projections. This team member also conducts focus groups and quarterly surveys to gain an understanding of how to best market and retain our clients. The GOC also assists with any marketing events and conferences that generate leads. Compensation is fee based linked to accounts procured. The role will have the option of receiving a based rate when 10 accounts are registered.

Star Attributes we see in our current team members...

  1. Love

  2. Self-awareness

  3. Humility

  4. Honest and Ethical

  5. Patient

  6. Reliable

  7. Consistent in work quality

  8. Warm and Kind

  9. Motivational

  10. Self-disciplined

  11. Excellent Collaborators

  12. Able to maintain work life balance

  13. Absolutely loves kids and respects them

Our Team Agreement

  • Seek to make us better than you found us.

  • Leave selfish-ambition and a competitive mindset behind. We operate on another level.

  • Take the time to research the company before pursuing a relationship with us. Make sure to read the "The Blue Star Way"and "Academic Experiences" located on our website prior to having tea with us as we will be basing our discussion around those key points.​

  • We are a tech company, so we require tech savvy professionals with strong skills in Social Media, web conferencing, and a quick learner of a variety of curriculum software interfaces. Only individuals comfortable with technology and comfortable with change should join us.

  • Social Media accounts are open to monitoring so do not join our team if your submitted account would be offensive to current or potential customers of ours.​

  • Count the cost: This means really make sure your personal finances, family obligations, and other professional responsibilities will allow for you to be a consistent part of our professional team.

Please note that all paid positions at BSVL are contractor positions that require team members to file a 1099 tax form and work from home in a professional office space.

Interested candidates please submit a cover letter (with your current address and stating why you wish to pursue the position of interest) and updated resume to

All the best in your professional pursuit with us and may your light shine on!

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