On the Spectrum of Mastery

Have you ever met a child, that with his voice alone, conveys a sincere joy for learning? Meet Master Student Gene Toney. We first met this enthusiastic scholar when he joined our Fun Pods as a Village Member with his mother Erica Hicks. Together they both brought so much positive energy and smiles to our virtual meet up and right away we noticed that Gene loves to engage and share his ideas with his fellow Master Students.

Consistently coming to as many Fun Pods as possible, Gene went on to decide he wanted to become a master of skills in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. When his family signed up for Constellations, mom explained Gene was on the autism spectrum which absolutely delighted us! He is not our only Master Student with this amazing special ability. Young scholars like Gene see the world from a different perspective and communicate in a way that requires those around them to listen more carefully and with great patience.

After taking his Diagnostic, our team noticed that Gene immediately connected to his customized Learning Path by working independently at his own pace. He is successfully completing a high percentage of his assignments and is an active participant in our learning community. Working at his own pace, Gene is achieving his way and we are so incredibly proud of him! Thank you Master Student "G" for bringing so much love and warmth to our learning Village. May your light shine on.

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