Meet our First Artist in Residence, Zoi Hunter.

It all started with a portrait of flowers. This incredible young talent's mother (Tira Hunter) posted a series of paintings by her daughter Zoi, to our Facebook Group Conscious Educators. BSVL CEO, Melissa Perkins, was blown away by them. One particular painting reminded Melissa of her mother so she purchased it for Mother's Day. Not able to shake the image from her head, the Founder of BSVL reached out to the family and asked to learn more about the artist. To her amazement she was only 17 years old, unschooled for the past four years, and mentored by her father (John Hunter), an accomplished artist himself. In addition she learned, Zoi had been commissioned to illustrate children's books and had art pieces hanging in museums.

When Zoi and her parents learned what Blue Star Virtual Learning had to offer her academically, they immediately decided to enroll her as a Master Student. However, Melissa had greater plans for this gifted young lady. Recognizing that our community now had an exceptional fine artist among us, she decided to bring Zoi on staff as an Artist in Residence to be an inspiration to her fellow Master Students. There are many learners in our community with a passion for art, particularly Anime (which Zoi also happens to be an expert in herself).

How thrilled were we all when Ms. Hunter accepted! Zoi is not only an accomplished professional artist, but she's also a master costume designer and seamstress. Therefore she will be an instructor of Fine Arts and The Skill of Sewing starting in the Fall. She will be offering periodic workshops throughout the summer as well.

Even though Zoi is a modern day renaissance artist, she is still to her core a teenager and very down to Earth. She enjoys playing video games with her dad, and board games like Yatzee with her mom. We look forward to not only serving her as a Master Student, but learning from her as a colleague. May her light shine on!

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