Create a Star Lab for Your Company or Organization!

Collaborative efforts allow us to do so much more than if we go it alone. That is why Blue Star Virtual Learning gives companies and organizations the opportunity to create a Star Lab (Level 3 group membership).

With a minimum of 10 learners, a group is able to enjoy everything a Level 3 member enjoys (see "Our Programs" tab for more information ) including a personalized skills assessment and customized learning plan with lessons designed to accelerate learners through achievement gaps. They also enjoy our incredibly popular "Virtual Gathering Place" which includes numerous stimulating social and enrichment activities and courses.

Our first Star Lab Partner!

We are grateful to have formed partnerships with reputable organizations and schools to bring our very personalized virtual approach directly to the students they serve. Our current partners highly value that each of their participants are deeply known by our staff because we take the time to learn about their academic strengths and academic needs. From there, we offer a customized solution for their long term growth. As important, we take the time to build a relationship with them as Master Students and encourage them to become independent learners able to grasp the importance of self-responsibility.

Organizations, who partner with us, also value how we take on the total academic administrative process providing progress reports so they can provide more specialized attention to the stakeholders they serve. To learn more please call Anthony McCauley at 984-200-0069 Ext. 102 or email to schedule a free consultation and quote.

May your lights shine on!

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