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The True Story of Sheila and Zora

(Names have been changed to protect privacy.)

When Sheila contacted Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) late Fall of 2020, she was at her wits' end. Her daughter Zora, who had been an honor student the previous school year, showed an abysmal average on her first quarter grade report. Zora's dramatic academic decline shocked her entire family. However, no-one was more surprised and dismayed than Zora. She found herself in a state of depression like millions of young people around the world at this time. Her childhood had been turned upside down and inside out. The joy of learning and being a teen was escaping her.

Virtual learning, as ascribed by her well intentioned school community, was just not resonating with Zora. She logged on as told, but just passively participated (giving the bare minimum). She felt overwhelmed and completely unmotivated to do the homework and could not see the relevance of it.

Then Sheila and Zora decided to take their education experience into their own hands and contact the BSVL Team. A solo parent, Sheila realized for Zora it would be best to register as a legal homeschool in her local state to give her daughter a fresh start. She also reached out to relatives to assist her with monitoring Zora's learning three days out of the week since she worked two jobs. When we asked their family what has helped them the most so far, they shared it is having a guide (Education Concierge) available consistently to walk them through the homeschool experience. Zora also appreciates having personalized daily assistance to support her as she completes engaging self-paced lessons.

An enthusiastic learner who struggles in Math, Zora decided to start with Constellations: Star Alignment which allowed her to complete Skill Diagnostics in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. These thorough but non-graded assessments revealed her strengths and underlying skill gaps so she does not carry them into high school. Zora then received customized lessons that immediately addressed the gaps. In addition, their family chose to add the Super Nova pathway since Zora is in the eighth grade. After going through our catalog of courses, Zora selected not only the core subject courses required for her grade level, but also three high school courses (Forensics, World Geography, and Principles of Art) to challenge herself further.

If that were not enough, Zora decided to become actively engaged in our exciting cyber activities located in the Virtual Gathering Place. The social isolation she was feeling has been replaced with weekly connections with new friends in her Fun with Art and Live Egg-cellent Cooking specialty courses (Star Bursts). She's reducing stress by playing video games in Gamers United and building her self-awareness by taking African American History: A People of Excellence. Zora has even made new friends with fellow learners (Master Students) in different parts of the United States and the world who love Anime as much as her.

So what exactly is this Blue Star Way™?

First, let's clarify what is Blue Star Virtual Learning?

We use a unique technological approach that supports skill mastery, elevates the use of "Emotional Intelligence" in the learning process, and prepares individuals to be harmonious contributors to a global economy.

Integrating best practices in virtual learning with engaging education methods, we insure basic skill mastery in Reading, Language Arts, and STEM while offering courses that prepare our scholars for 21st century careers and entrepreneurship.

The Blue Star Way™ guides learning experiences under two premises:

How We Love

  • Love is the grand lesson

  • Our words and actions should pass through three gates: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

  • Maybury’s Law: Do all that you agree to do and do not encroach on others or their property

  • Collaboration over Competition

How We Learn

  • Serve as guides who awaken the knowledge within

  • The Being is the Doing

  • Be quick to listen and courageous enough to speak

  • Be eternal learners

If Zora's beautiful journey and The Blue Star Way™ resonates, Click Here and become a part of our international community. Learn more about how to make the world your classroom so the learners you care for can become "Masters of Themselves".

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