From Master Student to Professional Team Member

If you have been around the Blue Star Virtual Learning community for a few years, then this should be a very familiar face. Coleman is one of our Master Students and served as our very first high school intern last summer. Currently, he is preparing for graduation from Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School: University Connections: School of Design, Arts and Engineering. He thrilled his parents Ron and Andrea Moore, no doubt, when he was accepted to UNC-Greenboro (where he will be attending as a Freshmen this Fall).

But what his parents may not have known was, on his own, Coleman was reaching out to BSVL at the beginning of the pandemic crisis to learn how he could be of service to the company. At the time, there were no opportunities but he was appreciated for taking initiative. After all, he did an amazing job serving as an executive assistant in the company's beta test year and had since pursued another internship in IT to increase his experience.

A few months later, when an opportunity did become available, Coleman was approached to apply for a paid professional position as oppose to the non-paid internship he served in a year earlier. To the executive team's amazement Coleman submitted an impressive cover letter and resume detailing his significant skill set in both customer service and IT. This prompted our Chief Technology Officer (Shannon Cox) to offer him an opportunity to work on significant technology projects currently on her docket as well as him having the opportunity to serve as a student recruiter.

But what really turned the heads of his future team members was when Coleman revealed how he got into the university of his choice. He recounted how during his summer internship with BSVL, he was asked to work on a special project to upload resources for the ACT and SAT college entrance examinations to our virtual platform. Coleman had shared how he was concerned about not getting into college because he didn't think his GPA was high enough to impress college admissions reps. So after being encouraged to review the credibility of the resources, Coleman decided to use them personally. Along with his personal hard work and the support of his family, Mr. Moore achieved such a significant ACT score that it outshined his GPA. Acceptance letters from respected universities soon appeared in his mailbox.

And just like that, Coleman Moore went from being the Master Student who joined us because he was having difficulty in Math to becoming our newest Star Recruiter at just 17 years old (without a high school diploma in hand or a college degree yet).

Beloved Star Families, we hope you will share the story of Master Student Coleman with your learners because our Founder is true to her mission. Blue Star Virtual Learning is "An Experience Where Masters Make Themselves". Coleman took his own mastership in his hands and we welcome him to this grand opportunity of service. May his light shine on.

To learn more about how to guide your Master Student towards a similar path, feel free to contact Coleman directly at or call 984-200-0069 Ext. 103.

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