Fall 2020 Pre-registration is Open!

Updated: May 2

Blue Star Virtual Learning is thrilled to usher in another Year Learning Cycle for 2020-2021. You are cordially invited to add your family to the Star Rosters of Virtual Gathering Place Coop or Constellations next school year. Both programs offer live academic support, abundant supplemental resources, virtual activities, and opportunities for learners and parents to engage and build relationships with other families.

Our cyber learning community has expanded in such a way that we now have geographic regions containing a maximum of 30 Star Family slots each. To learn more call or text your geographic Star Recruiter...

Shannon Banks - Southeast Region USA (984-200-0069 Ext. 103)

Kandice Smith - Northeast Region USA (984-200-0069 Ext. 103)

Eli Charette- Midwest/West Coast USA (984-200-0069 Ext. 102)

Melissa Perkins-International (984-200-0069 Ext. 101)

We are hosting Open Houses every Monday evening in May (check our home page for upcoming dates and times). We anticipate slots going fast in light of recent shifts in the educational landscape. To secure your family slot, a nonrefundable deposit of $50 (Constellations), $35 (Virtual Gathering Place) will be invoiced to secure your learning resources.

Also during Fall Cycle 2020, Level 3 members will have the option to prepay for all cycles for the school year in advance. They will pay a discounted rate of 10% off per cycle and 20% off for the entire learning cycle year. In addition, we are happy to work with homeschool families receiving stipends from your respective states by completing required paperwork as needed.

To learn more about what we have to offer in detail, please go to the Main Menu and select "Our Program". To pre-register, simply visit our Home Page and click "Join Today". It's super fast. We'll take care of the rest.

Thank you in advance for allowing us to learn alongside you and be a support. May your lights shine on!

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