Experience a Virtual Education with a Human Connection!

What exactly is Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL)?

Are we a school?

No. We are so much more.

Are we an online curriculum?

No. That is one of many resources we use to guide learning. Through direct support, our team of educators offer interactive opportunities to engage with knowledge while developing interpersonal relationships that promote independent thought and creativity.

Then what exactly does Blue Star Virtual Learning do? As newbies to the educational landscape, naturally we get asked this a lot. Recently we changed our corporate manifest from "An Experience Where Masters Make Themselves" to

"A Virtual Education With a Human Connection".

Blue Star Virtual Learning is a community of conscious educators working collaboratively to achieve one mission, guiding our learners as they become masters of themselves. This is achieved by connecting everyone in our international community digitally via our online platform providing social engagement, scholastic enrichment, and access to premium academic resources with an interpersonal approach.

New members are first welcomed at Level 1 Cosmic Community Center where they are invited to participate in a weekly virtual activity with fellow members from around the world. In addition, they receive access to our extensive resource library that contains useful information including how to legally set up a home-based learning environment. From there, members decide if they want to virtually branch off to Level 2 The Virtual Gathering Place where they can participate in even more enrichment activities (Fun Pods) or special interest courses (Star Bursts).

Other members may prefer to experience a wider array of customized academic opportunities at Level 3 Constellations. This exciting part of our community comes complete with one-on-one guidance from a conscious educator known as the Compass Guide who navigates each learner (Master Student) to their scholastic destination. Our members include home-based learners and those enrolled in traditional academic institutions. All are welcome to learn alongside us.

Master Students are as young as three years old through adulthood. Some members come to us as a family unit, others as a coop of friends. We even welcome organizations devoted to providing their clients or staff with our services via group membership. People from all religions, cultures, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds are welcome to find knowledge and enlightenment at their own pace; in their own time within our dynamic community.

Teen Master Student Leaders Mahala, Esther, and Abby

Some of our activities are even led by Master Students. Many of them are quite young and help the CEO and Founder make executive decisions for the company. BSVL highly values the ideas and wisdom of our youth. At the same time, we also deeply appreciate and respect the role of parents as the primary educator in the lives of their children. Therefore, we choose to take on the role of guide and assistant.

As we embark on a new Learning Cycle Year, we would like to extend an invitation to select our complimentary Level 1 Membership for one cycle/season. This opportunity is for those new to the BSVL membership process. We ask only participants sign up who actually want to build relationships, learn, and share with our tight knit "cosmic" community. At the end of the cycle, they can then choose how they wish to engage with us further. To sign up, return to our Home page and scroll down to "Road Map to Membership". Select Level 1 or the service that most speaks to your academic needs.

As Conscious Educators, we look forward to virtually forming a human connection with bright shining scholars. May your lights shine on!

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