Enjoy the Benefits of Corporate Membership!

We invite companies and organizations to build morale and increase team productivity by establishing a Corporate Membership with Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL). We are professional academic skills builders who offer social and intellectual enrichment through direct engagement virtually. This will give your colleagues peace of mind so they can be more focused on corporate initiatives.

Studies show when employees are less stressed about the needs of their families, they are more focused on work and highly productive. Partnering with us allows a company to achieve both without impacting their overhead cost because you simply pass savings on as a collective to your team. It's easy to set up too. Just invite committed participants and leave the rest to us!

The Benefits to Participants

  • Pay less than the rate of some hourly tutoring services and receive 24 hour access to support resources.

  • A family can register up to three learners at one flat discounted rate.

  • Schedule unlimited academic guidance sessions.

  • Receive monthly progress reports and weekly updates on learner engagement.

  • Traditional school learners can consistently engage with us as little as two hours a week and show significant academic progress within a school year.

  • Our program can be used as the primary academic learning system for families who decide to homeschool.

  • Service is delivered directly to the home virtually making it schedule friendly, safe, and expedient.

  • Learners and parents can establish weekly live contact with an education professional who sincerely understands their unique needs.

Select Program Options Available

1) Constellations: Progressive Skill Building in Math, Reading, and Language Art using comprehensive diagnostic assessments that generate customized learning activities that can skill gap or accelerate learning growth

2) Super Nova Prep: ACT/SAT/AP/ASVAB/GED Examination Prep

3) Super Stars: Foundational skill remediation in both Reading and Math for learners on Individual Education Plans (IEP) or learn differently due to health conditions.

4) Twinkling Stars: Foundational skill immersion for Early Readers and Math learners.

Getting Started

  • Send a company email or text blast with this article enclosed. Also visit our website at www.bluestarvl.com to gain a better understanding of our program and services.

  • Request complimentary brochures to be displayed in your place of business.

  • Call us 984-200-0069 Ext. 101 or email melissa@bluestarvl.com to create your free corporate account and receive a "Star Roster" to sign up new members.

  • We will send invoices directly to participants for $100 membership fee/month (the equivalent of just $25 per week). There is a one time material fee of $50 paid for each learner( at sign up) to secure username for their choice of program.

  • Reduced rates are available for accounts with 100 participants or more.

We look forward to serving your team and customers. May your lights shine on!

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