Virtually Connect Your Family to Fun Activities for only $35/per month!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

At Blue Star Virtual Learning we have figured out how to build a vibrant, loving, and engaged community virtually and we'd like to share it with you and your family.

Q: What if my kids are in school all day or we are super busy doing homeschool activities?

A: No problem. Each activity has a customized virtual room that allows members to engage and build friendships with other Master Students or adult participants at times most convenient for them. You can access resources video tutorials and share things with others. So participate as much as you like and enjoy the experience.

The Virtual Gathering Place is located at Level 2 platform in our Member Portal. It is where the community goes to socialize, connect, and become enlightened. It is the most active and engaging destination in BSVL and to really know who we are, new members are encouraged to connect to it. Features include:

  • The Vibe Room: Where members go to meet up with one another in a relaxed setting to chat within a virtual room and exchange useful information and best practice shares. It’s also a lovely way to bond and feel a part of our extensive international Cosmic Community.

  • Fun Pods: Engage in extremely popular activities that are often led by our Master Students providing opportunities for learners (including adults) to participate in a relaxed atmosphere with peers who share common interests. Browse our BSVL Virtual Activities Catalog to find the right ones for your family.

BSVL Virtual Activities At-A-Glance-3
Download PD • 141KB

  • Star Bursts: These eight-week mini courses are offered throughout the Learning Cycle year facilitated by guest instructors who invite our learners to explore topics of interest more deeply while providing stimulating activities for independent exploration. These courses are not graded and do not offer credits toward a diploma or degree. However, many homeschool parents offer them as elective courses. Choose what you like from the Star Burst Catalog.

Revised Fall Cycle Star Burst Catalog
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You can also "Add On" curriculum or Project Based Learning Activities to enhance the learning experience already being provided in your home.

Becoming a member is super easy. Simply Click Here and you will be sent to the Blue Star Virtual Learning "Home" page. Scroll down to The Blue Star Universe and select Enroll Today and our team will send your invoice and welcome packet shortly.

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