Congratulations to The Sky Walkers: October Skill Masters

Blue Star Virtual Learning patiently waits for each Master Student to realize they are an exceptional learner with no pressure applied. Instead we encourage them to be self-motivated and avoid comparing themselves to others. They are to work at their own pace and celebrate each accomplishment daily. Therefore, we are proud to recognize the following students for exceptional mastery within Exact Path. These learners have earned Skill Mastery Trophies (a very difficult thing to do) in Mathematics, Reading and Language Arts for the month of October.

The Sky Walker List is the equivalent of the Honor Roll in our learning village and each Master Student is celebrated not only for the number of trophies earned, but for their personal goal setting and self-mastery. Securing a spot on this list of exceptional students requires great patience, focus, and self-discipline.

We are so proud of each Master Student and their Parent Guides for their scholastic achievement as a Star Family. Take a bow and proudly take your place as scholastic leaders in Constellations. As the CEO and Founder of BSVL my heart is full and I am beyond proud of each of these precious Souls. Note: Master Students who showed exceptional personal goal achievement within their grade divisions are in bold italics.

High School Master Students

Kate Cox: 8 Trophies in Math

Esther Pickett: 3 Trophies in Math

Middle School Master Students

Ty Cox: 4 Trophies in Math, 2 Trophies in Reading, and 2 Trophies in Language Arts

Sarai Cuffie: 3 Trophies in Math

Abigail Pickett: 1 Trophy in Math

Lydia Pickett: 1 Trophy in Reading, 1 Trophy in Language Arts

Ryan Pickett Jr. 2 Trophies in Reading, 4 in Language Arts

Early Grades Master Students: Leading the way in Trophy Acquisitions!!!

Asah Al Bey: 1 Trophy in Math, 4 Trophies in Reading, and 4 Trophies in Lang. Arts

Calem Avila-McKinnon: 6 Trophies in Math, 4 Trophies in Reading

Marcus Burris-6 Trophies in Math, 11 Trophies in Reading, and 2 Trophies in LA

Josiah Baruti: 7 Trophies in Math, 11 Trophies in Reading, and 10 Trophies in LA

Louis Baruti: 22 Trophies in Math, 18 Trophies in Reading, and 10 Trophies in LA

Morocco Battle: 7 Trophies in Math

Ju'Lecia Copper: 3 Trophies in Math, 1 Trophy in Reading, and 3 Trophies in Lang. Arts

Fallou Gueye: 12 Trophies in Math, 5 Trophies in Reading, and 7 Trophies in LA

Mahala Holiday: 2 Trophies in Reading, 3 Trophies in Language Arts

Saniya McKinney: 6 Trophies in Math, 7 Trophies in Reading, and 7 Trophies in LA

Caleb Pickett: 4 Trophies in Math

Phebe Pickett: 4 Trophies in Math

To close, we simply must recognize Master Student Louis (Junior) for acquiring 50 Skill Mastery Trophies in one month! That is a staggering number of achievements and he should definitely be proud of meeting the goals he set for himself.

May all of your lights shine on!

Melissa Perkins

Blue Star
Virtual Learning



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