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Updated: Jun 19

Blue Star Virtual Learning, caters specifically to Pre K to 12 learners we know are the renown artists, great inventors, and thought leaders of tomorrow.

Level 3: Constellations is our most premium program that starts with helping each of leaners (Master Students) and opportunity to become self-aware of their basic skill mastery to date via diagnostic assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. After a month of skills support learners are welcome to add...

  • Courseware Universal (comprehensive virtual student led courses in core subjects, STEM Electives, foreign languages, and Health/PE Middle and High School Learners)

  • Star Blazers (comprehensive virtual curriculum in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies for Elementary Learners)

  • Super Stars: Special Ability Support (direct and structured phonemic awareness and reading skill building support curriculum for learners with special abilities (or needs).

  • Super Nova Prep (virtual prep support for GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP examinations as well as one on coaching and development in resume/CV writing and internship opportunities within Blue Star Virtual Learning).

To learn more about these amazing additional learning opportunities view articles listed in our "News" tab.

Below are the characteristics of learners that most align to this specific level of service.

  1. Able to comfortably use technology to build and accelerate academic skills

  2. Creative and able to think outside of a box using Project Based Learning

  3. Receptive to tools that help their families create an organized and productive flow to their free style way of learning

  4. Embraces being self-directed and prefers moments when they are the captains of their own independent learning experience

  5. Seeking opportunities to share innovative ideas or engage with other learners around topics of interests

Here are some interesting facts about learner outcome at Level 3:

  • 100% of the learners who entered our program in Fall 2019 achieved skill mastery within the first cycle of service

  • Data indicates we hadMaster Students move up one entire grade level in Math and Reading skills within an academic year

  • Parent Educators overwhelmingly report their Master Students are more self-driven and engaged in their own learning outcomes compared to before entering Constellations

  • 99% of parents at the end of the program year renewed their learners for a second year of study

In addition our Star Families report...

  • Less stress in lesson preparation and appreciation for their activities being customized around how their students learn best

  • More time for parent educators to work easily from home or plan specialized learning opportunities for the entire family

  • Master Students feel valued and recognized for skill mastery achievement immediately keeping them motivated and eager to learn more

If you would like more information about how to connect your Star Children to our Constellation, please contact us at 984-200-0069 or reach out to the following Regional Recruiters for your geographic area.

Eli Charette (West Coast US, Midwest US, and International):

Tira Hunter (Northeast US and Southeast US):

Shannon Banks (Star Lab/Group Membership):

This program is offered year-round and has open enrollment throughout the Learning Cycle Year which starts July 1, 2020.

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