"Be Our Guest" for BSVL Members Only

Blue Star Virtual Learning Members, you are so incredibly valued by our Star Team! We want to replicate the experience of having great families like you so we figured out a way to make that happen. Introducing the "Be Our Guest!" initiative.

BSVL has enclosed a personal guest list below where you can list up to 10 families you think would naturally align to Blue Star Virtual Learning.

  1. Your guest will be given a complimentary membership pass for 30 days to explore our program at Levels 1 and 2 allowing them access to an abundance of fun activities and resources.

  2. You simply ask them permission to be on your personal guest list and submit it once to us with all the names of your referrals. We register them and send them a confirmation with their username and password. We also offer to give them a personal virtual tour.

  3. When they officially request to be billed for services, we will alert you and extend both your guest and you 50% off your membership fees the first full month (one time material fees not included).

What's even better is you can experience the satisfaction of helping another family while helping your own budget because we allow you to get 50% off up to 10 times!

So tap your personal and social media contacts to start building up your submission. Click Here to complete you "BSVL Member Guest List". Call Melissa Perkins at 984-200-0069 Ext. 101 or email melissa@bluestarvl.com if you have questions.

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