Atlanta Sisters are Doing it for Themselves!

Updated: May 15

Meet Esther (9th Grade) and Abigail (8th Grade) from Atlanta, Georgia. These amazing Master Students are leading the way in utilizing the Courseware Add On in Constellations.

Basically, they are virtually replicating the courses they would take if they were enrolled in traditional school. The main difference being they take it individually and at their own pace. Their family serves as their main course facilitator, while BSVL team members provide live academic support and weekly progress updates. The online curriculum informs the Master Student of the percentage of subject mastery they are achieving as they progress through the course. Before enrolling in Courseware, both young ladies started their academic journey by completing diagnostic assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. This helped identify skill gaps, as well as, areas of acceleration so their family could make an informed decision regarding next steps.

Older sister Esther is enrolled in English 9, Biology, Algebra I, and World History. This inspired her younger sister, Abigail, to enroll in Eighth Grade English, Math, Science, and Middle School World History.

Both of these young ladies maintain an above average percentage of subject mastery and stay in regular communication with their Compass Guide, Nicole Charles, who is beyond thrilled with their self-discipline and growth. When asked why are they excelling within Courseware they responded...

"I love that I’m able to move at a pace I’m comfortable at; without being forced to rush through lessons without fully grasping the concept. Also, if I need help, my Compass Guides are readily available to assist me. I also have a lot of spare time to do the stuff I love like baking and spending time with my siblings."  -Abby

"Blue Star has been a blessing to me. Ms. Melissa and Ms. Nicole are my Compass Guides and have always been available when I have questions regarding complex subject matters. They often send me other important resourses; such as videos, or articles on that specific skill. Once I master that skill, I feel a sense of accomplishment because I was able to fully conceptualize that particular skill. It also gives me the opportunity to spend the majority of my day with my family, and not away from them at a traditional institution." -Esther

BSVL applauds these young ladies for being trailblazers in Courseware and look forward to seeing them finish the goals they set for themselves. Good job to their parents who are educating six children at home using our program with all showing significant gains. May their lights shine on!

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