Are you a Star Team Member? Have Virtual Tea with Us.

Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) has a unique way of scouting talent for our professional team. We call it "The Star Tea". It is a series of up to three virtual meetings with active team members designed to allow selected candidates to learn our company culture. This is a relaxed and informal conversation among prospective colleagues, so if selected let your personality shine through. We tend to attract education visionaries and exceptional professionals seeking a platform to be of positive service, so in time we will all discern if we are in alignment.

Please note, this is not a typical employment process (with formal interviews and human resource protocol). Instead we take our time selecting team members from among candidates active in our learning community. Candidates should only send an inquiry if they have accepted their free Level 1 membership by logging on to . We observe if you are active in our virtual community including our Facebook group Conscious Educators ( Then we explore working together. After all, how could a team member recruit for us if they have not experienced BSVL firsthand.

Candidates best suited for us are resourceful, creative, and self-driven. Thriving team members have a healthy work life balance, can meet 1pm Fridays EST for team meetings, hold to a strong personal work ethic, and have exceptional networking ability among families and educators. To avoid conflicts of interests, potential candidates (when serving in their roles) cannot be an owner, leader, or team member of a for-profit education company. Those individuals should explore partnering with us to provide services in a mutually beneficial way to our businesses. Candidates can however, be employed by a private/public school or nonprofit organization.

Current Roles Available

(Four) Star Recruiters (West Coast, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast): Identifies and offers information to families and organizations that most align to our company mission within our active membership via social media and email. This position allows candidates to set their own hours within a 10 hour minimum per month base time commitment to stay on the recruiter roster.

This is a satellite work opportunity and team members must have reliable WiFi access at home, a laptop/desktop computer, and mobile phone that can download the Facebook app. In addition, contractors must have an active education market friendly personal Facebook account. This position starts commission only, but can promote quite quickly into a monthly guaranteed pay schedule if the candidate can successfully build a caseload of 10 paid Level 3 accounts to provide direct support. There is three hours of non paid training within a 30 day launch window, however candidates can receive pay within the first month of service.

Candidates must have a minimum of a high school diploma, outstanding networking skills, education experience including home education (or transferable customer service skills). The first tea will be scheduled with the CEO. If there is an alignment, candidates will be referred for tea with colleagues who will actually determine if the candidate is selected for the team.

Tips for Success with Blue Star Virtual Learning

1) Come to us with a kind heart and loving way about you.

2) Seek to make us better than you found us.

3) Leave selfish-ambition and a competitive mindset behind. We operate on another level.

4) Know the young learners and adults we serve are on a path of Self-Mastery. Those who serve them must be as well.

5) An attitude of gratitude will carry you far not only in the "Star Tea" process but as a co-worker longterm.

6) The leadership style of the CEO is loving and direct and those are the type of colleagues who thrive with us long term. Candidates need to be self-disciplined enough to work independently, yet have the humility to learn the company culture and how to be a support to the leadership team. Strong communication skills are the keys to success.

7) Take the time to research the company before pursuing a relationship with us. Make sure to read the Q & A of our website prior to tea as we will be basing our discussion around those key points.

8) If you are seeking fiscal compensation from this company, you will need to be an excellent networker who is not pushy, a spammer, or off putting to customers. Instead you can establish trust quickly because you are sincere and have a personal story to tell about why you are a member of the BSVL community.

9) We are a tech company, so we require tech savvy professionals with strong skills in Social Media, web conferencing, and a quick learner of a variety of curriculum software interfaces.

10) Count the cost: This means really make sure your personal finances, family obligations, and other professional responsibilities will allow for you to be a consistent part of our professional team. Training is another investment in yourself and earning opportunities are extended within a 30 day launch window if candidates demonstrate the skills necessary to retain their professional contract.

Again, we hope you consider being a Star Team Member. Interested candidates please submit all the following items: Cover Letter (with your current address and stating why you wish to pursue the position of interest) and updated Resume to

Best wishes to you and may your lights shine on!

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