Alignment: Are you a Star Family?

Star Mama Madea and Master Student Fallou

Blue Star Virtual Learning is unique in this sense. We exercise absolute patience in waiting for our international community to form. We do not assume every learner or family will resonate with our education methodology or way of service. However, we are confident there is an abundant global community awaiting a new way of learning. We are devoted to finding you. This article will help you identify if you are indeed a member of our Cosmic Tribe.

Love is Prioritized

In a Star Family, much may be happening on the outer to the point it may seem a bit chaotic and strange to others. However, one thing remains true. Love reigns in this household. Parents and children are there for one another and recognize that sometimes they may not always be at their best. However, they are willing to dust themselves off and give it another go. They value one another and have the humility to listen and be heard. They strive or are willing to learn how to have their words and deeds pass through three gates, "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?".

Star Family Baxter

Education is Courageously Reimagined

This family sees education as an adventure and will not hesitate to make changes accordingly. Whether they decide to learn full time together or convene when everyone returns from school and work, this family is committed to creating their own learning outcomes beyond what the outside world has imposed upon them. Parents sincerely observe how their children are integrating within a learning community. They are fully present and monitor (not expecting others to hold their children more accountable than they are willing to do themselves). Their learners (who we call Master Students), in return, feel the freedom to express when something is not working best for them and actively assist in finding a solution. The courage comes in exploring additional opportunities for enrichment beyond what they have created themselves.

A Village Approach is Embraced

Star Families intentionally seek opportunities to connect with others outside of themselves to bring in more knowledge, enrichment, and perspectives. They value meaningful communication that leads to clarity and enlightenment especially when it comes to how to best facilitate learning in their home. They foster being givers within the community and not just takers. A Star Family shines their light.

Self-Responsibility is Pursued

Members of our Cosmic Tribe realize no one can make another person learn. It is a choice. The same for parenting. Both parent and child are engaged in a sacred contract where the adult has taken on the primary role of caretaker and educator. In turn, the child is in the position of being nurtured and guided in the way of self-responsibility so they can become mature contributors to their society at large. Therefore, it is up to each family to make sure learning is taking place according to how they have determined is best for them. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each individual how they live their life.

Excellence is Highly Valued

Master Student and Artist in Residence Janet Lee

Last but certainly not least, a Star Family encourages themselves to do the best they can and be the best they can. The being is the doing. This of course includes the parents, who are the leaders of the household. As such, they understand their children are looking to them to be an example by which to pattern their present decision making. Learners are also just as responsible for deciding if the pursuit of excellence will be a lifestyle they adopt for themselves. Excellence is not perfection. It's a state of consciousness that allows one to create the most optimal outcome in a situation. There is a knowing that very often mistakes will occur. However, true living is learning how to self-correct and apply a new way.

Hopefully, after reading this article you can discern if Blue Star Virtual Learning would be a wonderful addition to your learning journey. To learn more about us, visit our website at or simply give us a call at 984-200-0069.

May your light shine on.

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