A Shining Example of a BSVL Star Lab!

Well our stars! Who are these "Brainiacs" from out of Omaha, Nebraska? Star Family, we'd like to extend the warmest of Blue Star welcomes to Bri's Brainiac Star Lab. They have entered our cosmic community with quite a bang!

One of four active Star Labs going on in the company at this time, we thought we'd share a few tips of their success. First, a Star Lab is a conscious collective group of families (in a local area or organization) who decide to accept Level 3 Constellations membership to provide premium academic support for their learners.

Best Practice Share from Bri's Brainiac Star Lab:

  • The leader should use the curriculum first so they can show others how it works

  • Create a simple email or social media post connecting future families to Blue Star Virtual Learning's website so they can view all their membership will include

  • Go the extra step of making your own promotional video about how your Star Lab will operate in partnership with BSVL

  • Stay in regular communication with our team so we can assist you in making follow up calls and registering participants so your lab can get up and running in a smooth and organized fashion.

Enjoy the sample video provided by our beloved Omaha crew. Contact Director of Programming, Anthony McCauley, at 984-200-0069 Ext. 102 or anthony@bluestarvl.com if you would like to learn more about starting a Star Lab in your local community or organization.

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