A New Virtual Platform for Our Members!

Updated: Feb 24

Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) is thrilled to announce that we have created a new virtual platform within our website to improve membership enrollment and allow a more fluid digital experience for our families and clients.

Existing members will be assisted by an assigned Compass Guide to transition them to the new digital platform. Our professional team will convert everyone in their caseload as a courtesy and alert them when it is done. Current members will be issued a username and password that allows them to experience an enhanced cyber experience right from our website by clicking "Log In".

New members, by simply clicking "Sign Up", will smoothly enter the Cosmic Learning Center where they can explore resources and experience aspects of BSVL culture at their own pace for FREE. All members regardless of level will start their journey in the Cosmic Learning Center. Virtual Gathering Place and Constellations platforms will be opened once all current members are transported. A special thanks to our Chief Technology Officer, Shannon Cox, for all of her hard work on this great digital undertaking. Go to our "Home" page to upgrade or get started today.

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