A New Approach to Home Learning

Updated: Jan 16

We are experiencing a new era in education. Families and adult learners are more empowered than ever to create what learning means for them. Together, we get to paint our educational journey on a dynamic canvas based on freedom and self-determination.

Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) knows "the world is our classroom". We have created an education experience that is custom tailored to our learners (Master Students). Families and adult learners enjoy flexibility without compromising a high quality education. Using our innovative digital platform, education can happen anywhere, anytime. So far we serve scholars in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa!

How does it work?

  1. First, a family or individual learner retains full and total autonomy as the primary educator. Our team serves as your personal Education Concierge vetting premium curriculum and providing direct guidance.

  2. Next, your Education Concierge helps you create a winning schedule and home learning flow that reduces stress and increases the joy of learning.

  3. Third, you choose an experience that best aligns with your academic and home learning needs.

  4. Next, you schedule a personal orientation and follow up session to insure you are able to connect with all of your resources and support services weekly.

  5. If you are based only in the Virtual Gathering Place, visit the Fun Pods and Star Bursts boxes and enter the Cyber Room Zone. Choose the activities that best suit your family. Also add to your academic experience by exploring the Project Based Learning Zone.

  6. If you select Constellations or STEM Alignment a welcome letter will be sent with your academic materials when your invoice is paid. Access to your virtual materials will be available within two days of request.

  7. Each week, Constellations and STEM Alignment members should check their academic administration folders located by your account name in Google Classroom under (Constellations/STEM Alignment)

  8. Finally, relax and allow our team to take on the education prep tasks that can reduce stress and save you time.

Choose from one of three programs:

The Virtual Gathering Place is very often the first destination of new members because it offers a variety of fun virtual activities, including "how to" workshops and features more than 70 project based learning activities across six academic disciplines.

STEM Alignment is an experience where learners get to engage exclusively with self-guided premium Math and Science lessons while also receiving direct instructional guidance from experts in the field. They have a chance to engage in live experiments and complete college/career prep projects. Our goal is to make these two subjects more relevant and applicable to everyday life.

Constellations is what put BSVL on the map! It is a comprehensive customized learning system that gives you up to three paths to add: Star Alignment (Basic Skills Gapping) , Twinkling Stars (Pre K-Early Grades Foundational Skill Building), or Super Nova (Core Subject Immersion and Career Prep). All paths serve both privately home educated learners or those enrolled in traditional schools/daycares. As an added bonus, members based at Constellations have automatic access to the Virtual Gathering Place.

What are the costs and benefits of securing our service?

  • Pay less than the rate of some hourly tutoring services and receive 24 hour access to support resources.

  • Choose the option to experience live virtual instruction in STEM.

  • Schedule unlimited academic guidance sessions.

  • Receive monthly progress reports and weekly updates on learner engagement.

  • Traditional school learners can consistently engage with us as little as two hours a week and show significant academic progress within a school year.

  • Our program can be used as the primary academic learning system for families who decide to homeschool.

  • Service is delivered directly to the home virtually making it schedule friendly, safe, and expedient.

  • Learners and parents can establish weekly live contact with an education professional who sincerely understands their unique needs.

  • Click Here to view our pricing.

To learn more details about our programs and services Click Here. Signing up for membership is easy. Simply call 984-200-0069 ext 101 or go to our Home Page and click "Enroll Today".

So adopt a new approach to home learning that will bring a warm smile to your face!

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