A Master Student on a Mission!

Updated: May 15

Many of the families in our community recognize Fallou, as the first Master Student to join Blue Star Virtual Learning. In fact, this young man and his mother, Madea Allen, inspired the entire concept.

However, what is even more remarkable is that Fallou (5th Grade) has achieved 102 Academic Skills Trophies (43 in Math, 30 in Reading, and 29 in Language Arts) this academic year. Currently he is working at a 7th grade level in Reading and Language Arts because we do not limit how far a Master Student can accelerate. Just as inspiring is the subject he has the most trophies in was once considered (by him) his greatest weakness (Math).

When asked how is Exact Path helping him achieve such profound success, Master Student Fallou shared, "I appreciate Exact Path because it is exciting and fun. I also like the visual aids in the lessons." He is working at his own pace and is the driver behind his learning. At BSVL, we do not give Fallou weekly goals to achieve for himself. Instead he is self-motivated and sets his own goals for self-mastery.

Rarely does Fallou even reach out to our team or speak to his Compass Guide during the week, which is absolutely fine. When he needs assistance, he asks. But for the most part, Fallou quietly works alone at home with his mother redirecting when needed. Outstanding pursuit of excellence young man and may your light shine on!

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