A Master High School Student is Emerging!

Updated: May 15

It takes great self-discipline to be a teen Master Student with all the activities and social demands facing them. Yet, Tyson from Grapevine, Texas has achieved the most skill mastery of any of our high school students so far.

We caught up with him to ask why is he thriving in our program especially when so many young people are shutting down academically around him. He shared, "I like Blue Star because I can finish my work within an hour and a half, and still be able to get a lot done. That way, I can chill knowing that all I have to do is a Progress Check...".

Tyson also notices he has more time to relax playing video games, as well as, making and listening to music. To date, Master Student Tyson has received 23 Skill Mastery Trophies across Math, Reading, and Language Arts and has logged in the most teen hours working through his customized Learning Path . When he started with us, Tyson was not sure how felt about his overall school achievement to that point. Now his pathway has accelerated him to 10th grade Reading lessons and he is managing beautifully. Tyson is very consistent so things flow better for him. What's even more interesting is his dad, Edward, is relatively hands off and Tyson is the primary manager of his learning plan.

We are so proud of the example Tyson sets in our community and we look forward to watching this freshmen blossom into a Master Sophomore Student next Learning Cycle Year. Tyson, you are a Super Nova! May your light shine on.

To learn more about how to create a customized learning path for yourself or learner, go to our Home Page and visit our Program Tab. You can also call us at 984-200-0069 and one of our team members is more than happy to answer questions and guide you along in your journey to self-mastery.

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