A Family that Dreams Together...

Meet the Holiday Family of Colorado! At Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL), we encourage our Master Students to be the creator and navigator of their own destinies. A cosmic fusion occurs when we connect with parents like Azma and Nayomi who already embody this philosophy and reflect it in their parenting.

We first connected with them at the top of the summer when their mom reached out to us for guidance on how to deal with challenges she was facing in a traditional school setting. By the end of the summer, they made the decision to completely immerse themselves in all BSVL has to offer. It didn't take long for us to discover that Jacob and Mahala are beyond typical learners.

High School Master Student Jacob immediately inspired our Elementary learners by enthusiastically engaging with them in our African American History Fun Pod, while Master Student Mahala wowed us with her knowledge of Maya Angelou and Nina Simone. She even blew our minds with her incredible gift for special effects make-up artistry. However, when we learned they both launched their own businesses recently, that deeply inspired us. Recently we asked them to be guest speakers at our Entrepreneur Club Fun Pod and they really excited their fellow Master Students with their creative business ventures.

With the natural love and enthusiasm of her mom, Mahala launched Safiya Sublime Slime (www.sublimeslimenation.com). What is so wonderful about watching this mother and daughter pair is how encouraging and uplifting mom is to her daughter. Mahala is shy and bashful about her gifts, and Nayomi gently guides her to share her gifts before The Village.

Master Student Jacob benefits from the loving mentorship of his dad, Azma, and has also launched his own company Photographs by Jacob. He shared that it makes him feel really wonderful taking a passion for improving the photographs of friends via Social Media and developing it into an amazing business. You can find out more about Jacob's business on Instagram.

What a family of dream makers! We lift up the Holidays for their creativity and can do spirit. It is a beautiful thing to behold when a family supports one another in such a beautiful way. May your lights shine on.

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