Star Mama Madea Allen and Master Student Fallou Gueye


Fall 2020 Madea and Fallou.jpg

The family that inspired the creation of Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) resides in Maryland, USA and is headed by a dynamic mother name Madea Allen. She approached BSVL Founder, Melissa Perkins with a dilemma. How could she return to work, eventually pursue medical school, and still privately educate her son at home full time? Melissa assured her she could provide customized lessons for her learner even though she lived two states away. 

Madea was so pleased with the arrangement, she told families in her local homeschool coop and so began the amazing phenomenon of Blue Star Virtual Learning. Now entering our official second year of service, we currently serve those we call Master Students not only throughout the United States but the globe. It started with one mother who wisely asked a fellow Conscious Educator for guidance. May their lights continue to shine on!

At BSVL our Master Students serve in a co-executive function in the company. From among them we chose the most engaged and academically progressive to form the Master Student Leadership Council 2020-2021. Learners from around the world are selected to participate and we look forward to experiencing their service within our community.


Zariya Epps 

North Carolina, USA

Council Member-Middle Grades

Fall 2020 Jacob.jpeg

Jacob Holiday


Council Member-Creative Arts

Fall 2020 Mahala.jpeg

Mahala Holiday


Council Member-High School

Fall 2020 Nolen.jpeg

Nolen Baxter 

Tennessee, USA

Council Member-Middle Grades


China Hargrove

New York, USA

Council Member-High School


Molly Kennedy

North Carolina, USA

Council Member-Elementary