Welcome Level 2 and 3 Members! We also invite Level 1 members to enjoy this area complimentary through June 2020. Level 3 Constellation members will have an additional area to connect further with the Forum until your platform level is complete. Please take a tour of our area, starting with our Calendar to the right. It allows you to click a date and add directly to your personal calendar. Below is the Discussion Forum, which allows us all to interact via chat in a variety of categories. 

Please note: If you became a member prior to March 17 your Username may display your phone number by default. This is easy to fix by simply clicking your account and editing your display name by removing your number. We have corrected this for a few of you already who are active or made a request. If you need help we are happy to help so your information is private. Our team has fixed this glitch going forward. 

There is now an area exclusively for Master Students to create friendships. If as parents you are comfortable, please allow them to create emails and create their own member log ins so they can feel more a part of the community . 

Please remember the benefits of Level 2 Co-op include access to Fun Pods and Star Bursts (online specialty courses starting Fall 2020), VIP Lesson Planning (starting Fall 2020) and access to our Project-based Learning Zone. To see weekly announcements, don't forget to go to Level 1 - Cosmic Learning Center every Tuesday for the latest updates.

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