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Every Star Family or Adult Master Student within our guidance has the freedom to incorporate our support system the way that serves them best. It is not our way to impose our will on you, nor to ignore your presence in our community. Below is a simple plan to utilize our services in your weekly routine.

Consult your Master Student Planner that includes yearly calendar/weekly task schedule and keep the agreement you made to yourself.

Attend the virtual activities you selected, log into online curriculum and complete your daily tasks, or a combination of the two.  If you need help with anything immediately ask your Education Concierge (EC) for guidance. 

Constellations/STEM Alignment learners, schedule and attend a Master Circle weekly with your EC. Families based in Virtual Gathering Place only, feel free to reach out to your EC anytime you need guidance and support. 

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Recommended Books

50 of the Most Essential High School Stories

14 Top Picks for Middle-Schoolers https://www.scholastic.com/parents/books-and-reading/book-lists-and-recommendations/favorites-classics/top-picks-middle-schoolers.html 100 Best Read Aloud Books http://www.scholastic.com/100BestReadAloudBooks/ Top 150 Recommended African-American Children’s Books https://aalbc.com/books/children.php Top 40 Children’s Picture Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage https://hispanicmama.com/2016/09/12/top-40-childrens-picture-books-to-celebrate-hispanic-heritage-month/ 40 Children's Books Celebrating Native American and Indigenous Mighty Girls https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=10365&fbclid=IwAR0LOhLmBj2abs0HBzIgGNTiG595nkQpPO_J2VtKdl_SQWlngoOzD7jT4FM

BSVL PreK Thrive Tool Kit

Amazing PreK Star Parents...this is your starter kit to just help you prepare a mindset to be of optimal service to the youngest Master Students. First and foremost I want you to breathe...yes breathe. Working with these little ones requires a great deal of energy and rest does not always come easy so I am going to actually open with self-care. Now let's get into it. What are some practical tips for getting my Family PreK Program up and going. Some of these amazing presenters come at homeschool form a faithbased perspective so if you align with their spiritual path you may want to explore their channels further. However, BSVL has selected video best practices shares we feel could help our community at large. Here are some additioanl resources to add to your growing library. Also we hope you will join Level 2 where we host the PreK Support Zone Vibe Room were we do weeky check ins with our PreK Parent and Professional Educators offering same day guidance and weekly resource shares. Simply click the links to access resources or articles. BSVL Highly Recommended Sesame Street Pre K Curriculum Enhancer Early Childhood Development: Understanding the Milestones https://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/education/blog/early-childhood-development/ What Is Early Childhood Development? A Guide to the Science https://developingchild.harvard.edu/guide/what-is-early-childhood-development-a-guide-to-the-science/

Beyond High School Star Family Resources

Click the topics below to access documents and articles to help you on your journey. We highly recommend you turn this into a project for your high school learners so that they take more ownership in their life beyond high school. Reach out to Melissa or your Compass Guide for a private consulation anytime. That is why you have a membership is for personal collaboration and support. Also take the time to look up your state requirements for graduation before making your four year high school plan to make sure you are covering all the required and suggested courses for graduation. 1) High School Four Year Plan 2) College Prep Homeschool Guide 3) The Essentials for High School Record Keeping 4) Why Every High School Master Student Needs a Transcript 5) Information Needed for Transcript 6) How to Calculate GPA 7) Free Basic Transcript Maker (Good for Practice) 8) BSVL Recommended Paid Transcript Maker 9) How to Create a College Admissions Portfolio 10) How to Create an Online College Admissions Portfolio 11) Introduction to College Entrance Exams

Parent-Teacher Conference Tips

Click here for Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Afrocentric Homeschooling PreK-Upper Grades

Amazing BSVL Star Families... Many of you are of African American descent, have children who are, or would like to make your homeschool more culturally rich. Therefore welcome to the Afrocentric Homeschool movement. Essentially it is an intiative to counterbalance the Eurocentric style of education pervasive throughout the United States and many other countries. While Blue Star Virtual Learning is an international tech education company, the founder and CEO is a woman of African American descent and understands the challenges families in her own culture face when finding culturally relevant resources. Therefore, Learning Cycle Year 2020-2021, BSVL will be consciously building up Afrocentric Resources in our Conscious Educator Library. Enjoy and feel free to email Melissa directly at melissa@bluestarvl.com to post great resources you'd like to share with the entire community. Pre K and Early Childhood Development Resources 1) Akili and Me Pre K Educational Animation Series Sample Episode More K-12 Visual Interactives 1) Onyx Kids-This is a fun video series made by an African American family than can serve as great warms and conversation starters before lessons. (Click Here to access Youtube Channel) Sample Video 3) Mish Mash Arts: Afrocentric Coloring Page, Comic Books, and more (Click Here to view)

Fun with Math

Enjoy these recommended links from the BSVL Academic Team that make a Math a joyful experience. 1) Math at Work

Fall Cycle Star Family Workshops

How to Homeschool Beyond High School How to Homeschool While Working Time Management Workshop

Fall Cycle VIP Lesson Planning

Knowing Your Learner Practical Ways to Deschool How to use Interactive Notebooks

Collective Star Family Meetings

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