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Customized Home Learning Mgt. (Constellations)


Supplemental Academic Support (Skill Universe)


PreK-Early Elementary Prep (Twinkling Playhouse)


Enrichment Courses and Examination Prep 

(Super Nova)

Constellations (Private Home Learning Mgt.)

Grade 3-High School

Experience #1 : This is the best option for families deciding to learn primarily from home, but would like assistance with academic management and core subject explanation. In addition to the extremely popular Master Circle (which allows one to one weekly academic guidance), we have added Master Huddles to give Master Students weekly core subject (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Global Studies) meet ups with paced instructional guidance to help aid in timely course completion. Participants also have the option to request Non-Digital Activities to significantly reduce screen time and work more with their hands. We have a large variety of projects and stimulating resources that can be delivered directly to our Master Students so they can make their own learning experience an adventure.


  • Tailored Learning Plan (Learner Compass)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Portfolio Planning Session and Tool (Master Student Planner)

  • Monthly (or weekly) progress reports

Skill Universe (Supplemental Academic Support)

3rd Grade-High School

Experience #2 is best for families incorporating a Hybrid Learning approach (students enrolled in traditional school while skill gapping from home) than ever before. We have created Hybrid Connect within this experience to allow for after school virtual meet ups with a Master Guide to directly support basic skills mastery either one on one or within a small group to make it more fun and interactive.


A wonderful alternative to tutoring, we connect on an interpersonal level not only with the learner of focus, but with their family to assist with creating organized and productive learning environments. Some students may wish to accelerate their knowledge acquisition for their current grade level. Our most successful participants consistently spend a minimum of three hours a week receiving direct support with skill mastery.


  • Tailored Learning Plan (Learner Compass)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Skill Tracker (Master Student Trackers)

  • Monthly progress reports

Twinkling Playhouse (PreK/Early Elementary Prep)

Toddlers-Grade 2

Experience #3  is specifically for our Pre K-Grade 2 learners and their parents. They often require a completely differently learning experience, so we have brought in a suite of non-digital hands on resources from our curriculum partner Fruit for the Spirit complete with an interactive puppet show that promotes diversity and character building. In addition we will continue to incorporate an engaging online component that tracks skill mastery in phonemic awareness and early fundamental Math skills. It also includes two live interactive guided sessions that focuses on having fun and play with Math and Reading.


  • Tailored Lesson Plans (Play Action Plan)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Prep Tracking (Master Student Prep Tracker)

  • Two weekly live sessions (Fun and Play)

  • Monthly progress reports

Super Nova (Enrichment Course and Examination Prep)

Entire Community

Experience #4  focuses exclusively on our enrichment courses (Star Bursts), workshops (i.e. Star Parent ED), and college/career prep series. This is the area where we support our adult learners and provide additional support to our Master Students as they prepare to start their own lives independent of their families. It also houses our summer camp Star Blazing Summer.


Star Bursts Spring Cycle 

Live "Eggcellent" Cooking Class

Mother and Daughters Cooking

Instructor: Loena Rodgers from The Eggcellent Breakfast Company 


Description: Participate in a live virtual cooking class with a food educator who not only teaches you how to make yummy recipes but explains helpful nutritional tips. 

Dates and Time:

April 13-June 1, 2021 Tue 1pm EST

STEM Mania

Chemistry Class

Instructor: Jade Perry

Description: Have fun with hands on STEM experiments in real time. Science is cool and you can do it with friends too!

Dates and Time:

April 15-June 3, 2021 Thurs 2pm EST

American Sign Language

Sign Language Course

Instructor: Nicole Charles


Description: Come learn the most common words and expression and ASL that can be used to make new friends and build great relationships with other who use sign language to communicate.

Dates and Time:

April 14-June 2 Wed 1pm EST

Coming Soon!!!

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