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Private Home Learning Mgt. (Constellations)


Supplemental Academic Support (Skill Universe)


College Entrance and Adult Career Prep (Super Nova)


Live Mini Courses 

(Star Bursts)

Constellations (Private Home Learning Mgt.)

Pre Kindergarten-High School

Experience #1 is what put Blue Star Virtual Learning on the map. Constellations is a comprehensive learning system for home educators or organizations tailored to fit their learner's needs and unique schedule. We give our clients to option to choose pure digital, non-digital (i.e. Project Based Learning), or hybrid (combination) learning approach. Our team literally does all the lesson planning and secures as many premium vetted resources as our community requests. Students have the option to meet weekly with their personal Education Concierge to celebrate achievement or receive academic guidance. In addition, we invite our learners to attend weekly activities virtual extracurricular activities to build friendships and relieve stress throughout the day. 


  • Unlimited digital or non-digital learning resources 

  • Tailored Learning Plan (Learner Compass)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Portfolio Planner Session and Tool (Master Student Planner)

  • Unlimited One-on-One Learner support sessions (Master Circle)

  • Monthly (or weekly) progress reports

Skill Universe (Supplemental Academic Support)

3rd Grade-High School

Experience #2 is designed for learners enrolled in traditional schools who require supplemental academic support in the Core Basic Skills (Math, Reading, and Language Arts). This is not a random service based on poor grades or homework assignments. Instead we sincerely get to know our Master Students via a non-invasive skill assessment that helps us pin point the exact areas of challenge to focus on. 


A wonderful alternative to tutoring, we connect on an interpersonal level not only with the learner of focus, but with their family to assist with creating organized and productive learning environments. Some students may wish to accelerate their knowledge acquisition for their current grade level. Our most successful participants consistently spend a minimum of three hours a week working closely with their Education Concierge on completing lessons on their Learner Path. 


  • Tailored Learning Plan (Learner Compass)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Skill Tracker (Master Student Trackers)

  • Weekly Skill Building Session (Skill Booster)

  • Monthly progress reports

Super Nova (College Entrance and Career Prep)

High School-Adult

Experience #3 is designed for High School and Adult learners who are seeking extra opportunities to prep for college entrance examinations like the ACT/SAT, or secure their GED (to certify completion of high school), or career certifications in Information Technology like CompTia A+ or Computer Programming.. 


  • Tailored Learning Plan (Learner Compass)

  • Personal Academic Guide (Education Concierge)

  • Prep Tracking (Master Student Prep Tracker)

  • Weekly Prep Session (College/Career Circle)

  • Monthly progress reports

Star Bursts (Live Mini Courses)

Pre Kindergarten-Adult

Experience #4 is all about gaining enrichment and enlightenment. We invite Guest Instructors from around the world to offer eight-week mini courses for all of our learners (parents use discretion for some courses in terms of age appropriatness). What's awesome about these experiences is that they are not graded and are for pure enjoyment. They are extremely popular in our community and families can have up to two children enrolled in one course (there is a small fee for each additional learner beyond that). Here are the amazing courses offered so far. The next round of Star Bursts for Spring Cycle begin April 6, 2021. If you are interested in being an instructor contact Christel Brewer at


Star Bursts Winter and Spring Cycle 

Live "Eggcellent" Cooking Class

Instructor: Loena Rodgers from The Eggcellent Breakfast Company 


Dates and Time:

February 2-March 23, 2021 Tue 2pm EST

Fun with Art: Studio Observation

Instructor: Zoi Hunter

BSVL Artist in Residence


Dates and Time:

January 12-March 3, 2021 Wed 11am EST

African-Amer. History

Instructors: Melissa Perkins and Christel Brewer


Dates and Time:

January 12-March 2, 2021 Tue 3pm EST

American Sign Language

Instructor: Nicole Charles


Dates and Time:

January 12-March 3, 2021 Wed 1pm EST

April 6-May 26, 2021 Wed 1 pm EST

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