Constellations is a virtual academic support system managed by an experienced professional team of educators. It is like having personal access to a premium education concierge service without breaking the bank. Many of our clients also report it is similar to having their very own private school in their home with all the lesson planning and administrative paperwork handled by someone else. When entering Constellations, each Master Student is given access to Edmentum’s Exact Path which has valuable diagnostic assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts that insures foundational academic skills are secured to build learner confidence. From those diagnostics a customized learning plan with actual lessons that address the skill need is generated. After a month, a learner can choose to focus on skill mastery only or additional options.

Option 1

Courseware Add-On

High school and Middle School students have the option of adding state standard aligned courses provided by Edmentum and approved by school systems around the world in four core subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Science). The classes are taken individually and at the learners own pace. They are assessed on mastery and not given an official grade by our team. After successfully completing at least one core subject. Master Students can request to take an elective. This feature comes with progress reporting and weekly academic consultation, if the learner request.

Option 2

Education City Add-On

Pre-K and Elementary students can add custom made state standard aligned courses provided by Edmentum to their membership. These courses are very engaging and fun to the point Master Students think they are playing a game. We love that they are having fun and want to achieve great things independently working at their own pace. 

Option 3

Star Lab

This unique program allows an institution to create their own Constellations account for a minimum of 10 learners using Edmentum’s Exact Path. Our team provides all of the academic management as well directly supports each educator assigned to facilitate the learning of the students. As important we are there to support the learner directly when they request freeing up personnel to focus on other supporting tasks. Contact our Program Director, Sherilla Horton, to schedule a consultation and receive a quote.




  • Meet and fellowship with other families

  • Visit our Virtual Library

  • Attend fun online activities

  • List a family business and support other family entrepreneurs



  • Lesson Plan and collaborate with a team of education experts

  • Enroll learners in supportive online specialty courses with interactive study groups

  • Receive private consultation before Parent Teacher Conferences and IEP Meetings

  • Host workshops on topics and subjects that have special meaning to you as an educator.

  • ** Note: This is a membership upgrade and has  monthly fee of $15 plus any additional
    material fees.



  • Learners receive a customized Learner Compass based on a state of the art Diagnostic Skill Assessments

  • Families have all of their academic administration and classroom facilitated virtually by our team of experts


** Note: This is an upgrade to membership with a premium monthly fee of $200 plus any additional material fees.

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