An EXACT PATH to Mastery


Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) is proud to announce we are using the award winning online software curriculum Exact Path by Edmentum in our Constellations: Virtual Learning Experience. It is available for Kindergarten through 12th Grade. BSVL Master Students have a more specific path due to our precise diagnostic system in Reading, Language Arts, and Math.

Our team of guides can help young learners understand their learning gaps, and as important, provide precise self-guided lessons parents can facilitate to address skill gaps. We remove the stress of standardized testing by making sure important insight about a Master Student's progress is presented in a way our learners can actually understand and feel empowered. Parents appreciate we have detailed reports they can use for homeschool reviews or to produce transcripts for high school learners.


In addition, we offer a blended learning approach by providing Project Based Learning activities the whole family can enjoy beyond the computer. So schedule your free consultation today by clicking the button below to sign up.


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