The Star Tea Process

Tea Time

Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) has a unique way of scouting talent for our professional team. We call it "The Star Tea Process". We highly recommended you do not skim this page, but read and contemplate on all that is shared before proceeding. 


First we choose to primarily "head hunt" from members actively engaged in our community going forward. This is because we are seeking individuals who sincerely align to our mission and understand the benefits of being in our community as either a family utilizing our services or an educator choosing to serve and offer their expertise. Upon completion of the process, we determine if we can work well together as colleagues or if it is best for you to offer your services as a volunteer.


Current Opportunity


Outreach Coordinator: 


This position is a lovely gateway to a dynamic team devoted to excellence in service. Initially the team member starts as staff intern shadowing our Star Leadership Team in outreach initiatives and serving as a personal assistant in member relations. We are seeking candidates who want to focus on growing Blue Star Virtual Learning as an international brand. This affords them an opportunity to develop professionally alongside our team. The position is ideal for parent/professional educators or scholars exploring a career in education or business management. This position requires a team member devote a minimum of 10 hours a week (online in a professional virtual environment free from distraction) Monday-Friday anytime between 7am-8pm. This opportunity can quickly turn into a paid Academic Assistant position if candidates are successful in completing outreach tasks and receive positive feedback from our loving community. 

Role Description: 


Outreach Coordinators are responsible for completing weekly team tasks that help us identify potential Master Students in their local area. They also assist our leaders in facilitating free workshops and community service initiatives virtually. Outreach Coordinators who demonstrate excellent community relations skills and help facilitate community growth will be extended the opportunity to serve as mentors to our students and parents positioning them to be hired as Academic Assistants or Academic Managers. 

Basic Requirements for Outreach:

1) Actively enrolled as a student in legal learning institution or experienced professional with at least two years of employment .

2) Three Professional or Character References

4) Legally citizen of the United States (or dependent)

5) Able to pass a criminal background check and drug screening

Next Steps


After completing this "Tea Screener" (please click the highlighted hyperlink to view) our team will review your credentials in hopes you would be interested in exploring working together. Candidates are invited to two virtual teas with members of our leadership team designed to allow selected applicants to learn how we vibe within our unique company culture. This is a relaxed and informal conversation among prospective colleagues, so if selected let your personality shine through. We tend to attract education visionaries and exceptional professionals seeking a platform to be of positive service, so in time we will all discern if we are in alignment.


Please note that all paid positions at BSVL are contractor positions that require team members to file a 1099 tax form and work from home in a professional office space.

Interested candidates please submit all the following items: Tea Screener, Cover Letter (with your current address and stating why you wish to pursue the position of interest) and updated Resume to


Tips for Star Team Member Success


Star Attributes we see in our current team members...

  1. Love

  2. Self-awareness

  3. Humility

  4. Honest and Ethical

  5. Patient

  6. Reliable

  7. Consistent in work quality

  8. Warm and Kind

  9. Motivational

  10. Self-disciplined

  11. Excellent Collaborators

  12. Able to maintain work life balance

  13. Absolutely loves kids and respects them

Our Team Agreement


  • Seek to make us better than you found us.

  • Leave selfish-ambition and a competitive mindset behind. We operate on another level.

  • Take the time to research the company before pursuing a relationship with us. Make sure to read the "Our Programs", "Q & A", and "Plans and Pricing" located on our website prior to having tea with us as we will be basing our discussion around those key points.

  • We are a tech company, so we require tech savvy professionals with strong skills in Social Media, web conferencing, and a quick learner of a variety of curriculum software interfaces. Only individuals comfortable with technology and comfortable with change should join us.

  • Social Media accounts are open to monitoring so do not join our team if your submitted account would be offensive to current or potential customers of ours.

  • Count the cost: This means really make sure your personal finances, family obligations, and other professional responsibilities will allow for you to be a consistent part of our professional team.


All the best in your professional pursuit with us and may your light shine on!