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This unique program allows an institution (school, business, day care, after school program, co-op's, church group, etc...) to create their own Constellations account for a minimum of 10 learners using Edmentum’s Exact Path/Reading Eggs. Our team provides all of the academic management as well as directly supports each educator assigned to facilitate the learning of the students. As important, we are there to support the learner directly when they request freeing up personnel to focus on other supporting tasks. To learn more, contact Anthony McCauley or call 984-200-0069 Ext. 102. 


Level 3


Constellations is a virtual academic support system managed by an experienced professional team of educators. It is like having personal access to a premium education concierge service without breaking the bank. Many of our clients also report it is similar to having their very own private school in their home with all the lesson planning and administrative paperwork handled by someone else. When entering Constellations, each Master Student is immediately enrolled in Pathways K-12, which has valuable diagnostic assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts that insures foundational academic skills are secured to build learner confidence. From those diagnostics a customized learning plan, with actual lessons that address the skill need, is generated.

Star Families can also choose from our "Add On" offerings. See below for more information. 

Level 2

The Virtual Gathering Place

The Virtual Gathering Place immediately offers unlimited Fun Pods and virtual collaborative opportunities. Receive one complimentary Star Burst: Basic Skills 101. VIP Lesson Planning Sessions start Fall 2020. Participants in Level 3 Constellations and Star Lab have automatic access to this level platform. In addition, we offer more "Add On" educational opportunities such as: Star Bursts, Super Nova Prep (Middle School & High School to adults) and Twinkling Stars Pre-K. Click here for more information on our "Add On" Programs.

"Add On" Academic Programs

Comprehensive virtual courses in STEM/Career Prep Electives, Foreign Languages, and Health/PE.

Download Catalog for Courseware Universal

Courseware Universal

Level 2 & 3 "Add On" for High School to Adults

Star Blazers 

Level 3 "Add On for K-12

Comprehensive virtual curriculum in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies for K-12 Learners.

Twinkling Stars

Levels 2 & 3 for Pre-K

Master Students as young as three years old can start their read adventure with us. Using the synthetic phonics instructional approach our program targets emerging readers working closely with parents and our professional team to increase phonemic awareness and foundational reading skills.

Super Stars: Special Ability Support

Levels 2 & 3

Designed to assist learners with special abilities and needs, this curriculum focuses on building the foundational reading skills that require more time, encouragement and team collaboration to achieve. Our professional team working closely with parents and organizations, can complement Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or help create a supportive learning environment in the home.

Super Nova Prep 

Levels 2 & 3 for Middle & High School to adult

Virtual prep support for GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP examinations as well as one on coaching and development in resume/CV writing and internship opportunities within Blue Star Virtual Learning

Download or view the Super Nova Prep Catalog

Jump Start to Careers

Levels 2 & 3 for High School

Blue Star Virtual Learning is proud to partner with College Code. College Code is providing premium career coaching and post secondary pathway development virtually. The equivalent of a personal guidance counselor at your fingertips.

Star Bursts  

Levels 2 & 3 for All Ages

BSVL has recruited superb instructional experts in a variety of fields to facilitate customized short enrichment courses starting in the Fall. Come learn from our Artist in Residence Zoi Hunter as well as a special topics covering history and holistic health and wellness.


Level 1

Cosmic Community Center

The Cosmic Community Center is your introduction to Blue Star Virtual Learning and how we can support your academic pursuits. Families and organizations are allowed to enjoy this membership complimentary for an entire learning cycle (either Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring).
  1. Get to know our team by participating in weekly Academic Guidance Sessions.
  2. Add to your resources by visiting the Conscious Educator Library, which is a valuable resource to families and organizations new to providing academic services for learners. 
  3. Enjoy one complementary Fun Pod (a virtual interest group gathering).
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