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How does Blue Star Virtual Learning Work?

  1. First, a family or individual learner retains full and total autonomy as the primary educator. Our team serves as your personal assistant and guide connecting you to vetted premium curriculum and resources.

  2. Next, you are assigned an Education Concierge who works directly with your family according to your schedule.

  3. Third, you choose an experience that best aligns with your academic and home learning needs.

  4. Next, you schedule a personal orientation and follow up session to insure you are able to connect with all of your resources and support services weekly.

  5. Finally, relax and allow our team to take on the education prep tasks that can reduce stress and save you time.

The Virtual Gathering Place

The Virtual Gathering Place (located at Level 2 platform) is Experience #1 and very often the first destination of new members because it offers variety of virtual activities and opportunities for participants to receive guidance and build meaningful relationships. 


  • Fun Pods are extremely popular in our community and provide opportunities for members of our community to engage in a relaxed atmosphere with peers who share common interests. They are often facilitated by Master Students themselves.

  • Star Bursts are eight-week mini courses offered throughout the Learning Cycle year. 

  • Project Based Learning Zone  features more than 70 customized projects in STEM, Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and World Languages.  Learners can do them at their own pace and even connect with others to do them jointly. ​


Winter Cycle Star Bursts Offerings (Starting Jan11, 2021)

Fun with Art: BSVL Team Instructor, Artist in Residence, Zoi Hunter

(Wednesdays 11am EST)

American Sign Language: Guest Instructor Nicole Charles

(Wednesdays 1pm EST)

Live Egg-cellent Cooking : Guest Instructor Loena Rodgers

(Starts February 2, 2021 Tuesdays 1pm )

African American History-A People of Excellence: BSVL Team Instructors Melissa Perkins and Christel Brewer 

(Tuesdays 3pm EST)

Winter Cycle Fun Pods Starting Tuesday January 12th

Pre K/Elementary Story Time (Tuesdays 11am EST)

Teen Book Club (Tuesdays 2pm EST)

Teen Culture Club (Wednesdays 2pm EST)

Pre K/Elementary Fun with Math (Thursdays 11am EST)

Gamers United (Thursdays 1pm EST)

*Special Note: Access to Virtual Gathering Place is embedded in the STEM Alignment and Constellations Experiences. Star Bursts are an additional cost. 


STEM Alignment 

Engaging STEM Labs Streamed

Blue Star Virtual Learning, in partnership with innovative educators in the Math and Science field, has created STEM Alignment to serve both our international and local communities. Experience #2 is an stimulating Math and Science experience allowing learners to receive direct instructional guidance, engage in live experiments, and complete college/career prep projects. Our goal is to make these two subjects more relevant and applicable to everyday life. 


  • Weekly live STEM lab (virtually)

  • Weekly Family or Private Academic Support

  • 24 hour access to premium online Math and Science curriculum and two STEM elective courses with a personal Education Concierge (Academic Guide)

  • Math Diagnostic Report

  • Customize Learning Plans for each learner

  • Weekly Learner Feedback

  • Monthly Progress Reports

Premium Online Math and Science Curriculum 

Career Prep Projects

Experienced Live Instructors


Experience #3 is what put Blue Star Virtual Learning on the map. Constellations is a comprehensive customized plan that includes three paths: Star Alignment , Twinkling Stars, or Super Nova (Career Prep).  Account holders may choose up to three paths and as an added bonus attending Fun Pods in the Virtual Gathering Place. 

All Pathways Include:

  • Assigned Education Concierge (Academic Guide) 

  • Customized Family Organization Session

  • Weekly Academic Support Sessions

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Monthly special interest workshops

  • Complimentary access to the Virtual Gathering Place

Star Alignment

Our strength as a learning community is guiding our Master Students to basic academic skill mastery and self-confidence in interests that inspire them. Therefore, we developed Star Alignment for learners (3rd Grade-High School). They begin their Constellations journey completing skills diagnostics in Math, Reading, and Language Arts. The results help our professional academic team generate a customized learning plan that includes a virtual lesson, practice activity, and short mastery assessments to ensure skill gaps are covered. Students who are more accelerated can get a jumpstart on skills covered in advanced grade levels. Learners can work on lessons daily or a few days week at their own pace. Weekly check ins are done by an academic mentor known as a Compass Guide. 

This path is best for families who want their learners to have a strong basic skills foundation in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics (sort of an academic insurance policy). It's also the best path to pursue if your learners are already enrolled in traditional school or you already have ample curriculum selected for your homeschool.

Exact Path Online

Twinkling Stars

Master Students as young as two years old to 2nd Grade are welcome to start their learning journey in Twinkling Stars where we use Reading Eggs (Junior and Eggpress), as well as Math Seeds to ignite excitement for learning.   

Our innovative approach works in harmony with parent educators to help them implement simple and affordable learning opportunities in their homes that best suite their active early learners. Our professional team of Conscious Educators select premium resources that focus on building a strong foundation in phonemic awareness (reading readiness) and foundational Math skills like number sense. As important we offer two opportunities during the week (via the Virtual Gathering Place) for Master Students to participate in story times and Math activities.


This path is best for parents establishing a preschool experience from the comfort of their own home or who seek to supplement what is being done at their local daycare center.

Courseware Universal for Middle and High School students, offered through Blue Star Virtual Learning

Reading Eggs: Fast Phonics

Math Seeds

Super Nova: Core Subject and Career Prep

Master Students (kindergarten-adult) as well as Adults are invited to blast off to their respective careers via Super Nova. Learners can select up to four self-guided Core Subject Courses (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and two premium elective courses.


In addition upper grade learners have the option to take college/career prep courses for gateway exams like GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP. Participants are also assigned a Education Concierge (Academic Guide) to help them develop a four year high school plan, secure college transcript services, and create college/career portfolio.

Download Catalog for Courseware Career Prep

Download Catalog for Courseware Exam Prep

This path is best for families who seek to create a comprehensive private learning experience in their homes providing access to online curriculum and support in the four major core subjects (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science). It's also the most ideal path for those seeking to gain immediate college admissions acceptance or for adults who desire career prep training.

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