Blue Star Virtual Learning is “An Experience Where Masters Make Themselves”. We support learners Pre-K to Adult General Education. However, what makes us unique is that we guide our learners (with the support of their families) to the learning outcomes they choose. To achieve this, we literally bring a full service academic support system into the learning environment of our members at the click of a button. Participants in our cyber village are not talking to automated systems or algorithms, but real people with real experience. 


Incorporating a hybrid learning approach, we use a combination of state of the art digital curriculum and real world application. We believe exposing our learners to Project Based Learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities is essential to preparing our Master Students for the Space Age. Yet simultaneously, we instill an appreciation for the fundamentals of research, writing, and oral communication. 


Active members have weekly access to a nurturing team with extensive experience in home learning, traditional schools, and higher education. Membership is free in our Cosmic Learning Center and comes with access to an abundance of resources and activities. If they choose, participants can add to their membership by joining a virtual homeschool cooperative or upgrading to a customized learning component called Constellations.  While we are not a school and do not issue credits, many clients find our program so comprehensive they pass homeschool reviews with ease and can even create high school transcripts. Nonprofits and schools find us an asset because we can provide that extra one on one support for students struggling to keep pace.


Our Mission is to support diverse learners in their pursuit of self-mastery intellectually and personally. Blue Star Virtual Learning provides a support system for all Master Students to exercise their creativity, develop awareness, and take responsibility for their unique learning outcomes. In doing so, we intend to be an academic haven for future global leaders who are ready to be of optimum service.







  • Enjoy free Academic Guidance sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Access our Virtual Library which has information on how to maintain a legal homeschool and highly recommended parent resources

  • Free monthly membership

  • All the benefits of Level 1

  • Attend Virtual Activities via Zoom Cloud Meeting and other social platforms

  • Visit the Project Based Learning Zone to engage in fun learning activities beyond the computer

  • Engage in our Forums filled with discussion groups for parents, educators, and learners

  • Complimentary membership through June 2020



  • All the benefits of Levels 1 & 2

  • Skill Diagnostics for all learners in Math, Reading and Language Arts

  • Customized Learning Plans including engaging online activities and supplemental resources

  • Weekly feedback on academic progress

  • One-on-one live academic support

  • Detailed monthly data report for learning portfolios

  • Paid monthly membership, see "Plans & Pricing" tab

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