What exactly is Blue Star Virtual Learning?  The best way to understand us is to imagine having a personal guidance system that travels with you wherever you learn. We call those, who are actively engaged in the acquisition of knowledge, Master Students. This terms implies that their primary focus is to be self-aware and fluent in how they learn best. Master Students have access to a team of devoted educators who take the time to get to know them so they can achieve the goals and missions they set for themselves.  


Incorporating a hybrid learning approach, we use a combination of state of the art digital curriculum and real world application. We believe exposing our learners to Project Based Learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities is essential to preparing our Master Students for the Space Age. Yet simultaneously, we instill an appreciation for the fundamentals of research, writing, and oral communication. 

Our team of education experts with a combined 60 years of teaching experience have searched the globe for resources that provide skill gap building, college and career prep, and foundational reading instruction. In addition we have partnered with organizations that literally provide career consultation so our Master Students can identify how they want to serve in a complex global landscape.


Our Mission is to support diverse learners in their pursuit of self-mastery intellectually and personally. Blue Star Virtual Learning provides a support system for all Master Students to exercise their creativity, develop awareness, and take responsibility for their unique learning outcomes. In doing so, we intend to be an academic haven for future global leaders who are ready to be of optimum service.



  • Schools, homeschool co-ops, day care centers, businesses or organizations can secure a group membership giving them access to all academic programming at an affordable rate

  • Gain access to skill gapping, college and career prep resources, and early reading/special needs support anywhere and anytime without having to secure and store tons of resources

  • Save on overhead expenditures and time by allowing our staff to take on all the academic administrative responsibilities so their team members can focus on other aspects of programming

  • Provided with weekly and monthly reports to help secure grant funding or generate fundraising initiatives


  • Working with our online curriculum partner Edmentum we have a variety of programs to serve learners Pre K-Adult GED

  • Exact Path provides customized learning plans based on individual skills diagnostic assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts

  • Courseware Universal provides enhanced learning opportunities for high school and adult learners in STEM/Career Prep (including Robotics, Nursing, and Computer Programming), Foreign Languages, as well as, specialty courses like African American and Women's Studies.

  • Star Blazers K-12 gives families and organizations access to our core subject library that provides comprehensive resources in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

  • Super Stars gives Master Students who learn differently an opportunity to receive added support in reading comprehension so that they can access all subjects more easily and with confidence


  • Affordable opportunities to connect with families around the world to exchange best practices in education and everyday living

  • Opportunities to learn from experts in their respective crafts or area of expertise 

  • Numerous opportunities to collaborate with others around areas of interests building social skills and awareness

  • Receive one complimentary Star Burst: Basic Skills 101

  • VIP Lesson Planning Sessions start Fall 2020

  • Learn how via Project Based Learning to apply skills and content knowledge in creative learning experiences that can be shared within our cyber community and beyond

  • Add Twinkling Stars Pre-K if you are a parent wanting to give your toddlers a running start in reading

  • Add Super Nova Prep if your learners are preparing for ACT, SAT, AP or ASVAB exams

  • Add Jumpstart to Careers if you need the equivalent of a guidance counselor to help your learners know which career paths are best for them to explore

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