Parents, Community Educators, and Adult Learners are welcome to take any program we offer. Base yourself in Constellations gain access to Super Nova: Core Subject and Career Prep which includes preparation for entrance examinations for college and career including GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and Advanced Placement (AP). We also offer a variety of specialty workshops to assist both parent and traditional educators as well. 

The majority of our academic focus is on Elementary, Middle Grades, and High School learners. There's something for them in all three programs and they can use BSVL as an education supplement or for their total learning experience. 

We work with PreK learners as young as two years old and support early elementary students in both the Virtual Gathering Place and Constellations: Twinkling Stars. This unique program primarily focuses on assisting parent educators with weekly guidance and state of the art Pre-K curriculum that builds a strong foundation in Reading and Number Sense for Math.