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Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) is an innovative education tech company that provides customized support to families and organizations. We give their self-directed learners (Pre-K to Adult GED) access to "An Experience Where Masters Make Themselves".


A cyber international community by design, all are welcome to expand their knowledge and awareness with us, including those who think outside of a box, mentally process information differently from others, or prefer to acquire new information at their own pace. We also enjoy partnering with organizations who are devoted to excellence in education, in our program called Star Lab. 


Membership in our "cosmic community" is more than sterile online lessons. Instead, we provide an engaging interactive experience at your fingertips with a team of educational professionals ready to serve when you reach out for support. 

Below is a "Roadmap to Membership" explaining how new families or organizations can select the best level of service. Please visit Our Programs and Plans and Pricing to gain a better understanding of where you best align with our support structure before selecting your membership level. We look forward to welcoming you to our Star Family. Please enjoy our slide show of the families and organizations we joyfully serve.


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  • Enjoy complimentary membership for one seasonal cycle to learn first hand the benefits of our program through personal experience

  • Take advantage of free Academic Consultation from an assigned team member

  • Access our virtual Conscious Educator Library full of information on how to navigate knowledge acquisition 

  • Actively participate in a fun weekly virtual activity the entire family can enjoy

  • Attend mini-workshops on cutting edge resources that engage learners and promote self-mastery

  • All the benefits of Level 1

  • Attend numerous virtual events throughout the month to foster enlightenment, personal interests, and skill mastery

  • Receive one complimentary Star Burst: Basic Skills 101

  • VIP Lesson Planning Sessions start Fall 2020

  • Use the Project Based Learning Zone to secure resources that reduce screen time and promotes community service

  • Engage in Community Forums that foster relationship building and connectivity

  • Add state of the art curriculum to your educational portfolio that provides career guidance, special ability/needs support, and Pre K resource support for parents.



  • All the benefits of Levels 1 & 2

  • Acquire diagnostic tools that promote academic self-awareness and informed lesson planning

  • Customized Learning Plans that include engaging online activities and stimulating supplemental resources

  • A comprehensive academic support management system designed to save family educators time and reduce learner stress

  • Detailed weekly progress reports to support learning portfolios and homeschool reviews

  • One-on-one live academic support

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