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Blue Star Virtual Learning is a learning ecosystem that provides a customized plan for families to educate their youth from home regardless if they are  enrolled in traditional schools or not. 

Our community also houses a Constellation of Education Specialists and Organizations from a variety of fields. Companies are welcome to receive personalized administrative guidance to make their operations run more efficiently. 

Families actively engaged in their learners success are encouraged to choose a Star Path listed below that most aligns to your academic goals.

We look forward to serving you and may your light shine on. 

Melissa Perkins, Founder

Foundations Path

Best for Elementary or Special Ability Learners seeking more enrichment support and guidance in foundational skills like reading, writing, and math.

Accelerator Path

Designed to give Middle Grades students an opportunity to accelerate to high school by taking specialty courses in Career Paths, Coding, Global Studies, and advanced core subject courses.

Trades Path

Geared for learners who prefer to go into the trades immediately after high school with courses and direct mentoring in the Electricity, Welding, Cosmetology and more. 

College Prep

Stimulating pathway that includes advanced courses like AP, ACT, and SAT Prep as well as Career Exploration, Work/Internship training and Public Speaking. 

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