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Blue Star Virtual Learning (BSVL) is an innovative education tech company that provides young learners "An Experience Where Masters Make Themselves". 


By providing academic support and encouragement for all families whether they homeschool, unschool, or are enrolled in traditional school, BSVL is fast becoming a valued partner in the home of families and adults completing their GEDs.


Blue Star serves learners globally using state of the art curriculum aligned to national standards. In addition we encourage learning beyond computers by incorporating project based learning and STEM activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

We welcome all learners, especially those with special abilities like autism. Become a part of our learning community by clicking the Free Membership button.  Also please enjoy this slide show of actual members of The Village.


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The Village is the main hub of activity in our learning community & free membership!

Diagnostics for your Students

Precise diagnostic system for Reading, Language Arts, and  Math.

Exact Path Virtual Learning

Provide precise self-guided lessons parents can facilitate to address skill gaps.

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